Giveaway from Trifecta Nutrition – 21 Paleo Meals for You and a Friend!!!

Givewaway from Trifecta Nutrition 21 Paleo Meals for you and a Friend!

Givewaway from Trifecta Nutrition 21 Paleo Meals for you and a Friend!

UPDATE 3: Matthew, the winner of the giveaway had this to say about the Trifecta meals:
“Conner loved them! I loved loved loved the breakfast nuts and the curry chicken, and I will be ordering those to assist my meal coverage on busy/class days.”

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to the lucky winner, Matthew Soens and friend Conner Strickland!

UPDATE: The deadline for entry has now passed. Thank you for all of those who entered!! 

Trifecta Nutrition has offered our readers a giveaway – a weeks worth of Paleo meal deliveries for you and a friend!!! (over $400 value – over $200 for each person)

To enter, please do the following:

  • Please post a comment at the end of this post including
    • Your name
    • Why you’d love a week’s worth of Paleo meals from Trifecta (one sentence is fine)
    • Your friend or family member’s first name in your comment (they will also receive a week worth of 21 Paleo meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Enter by 12 noon (EST) Tuesday 3/8/2016 so that meals can be sent out this Friday 3/11. Winners will be chosen randomly. You must be 18 years of age to enter. Due to Trifecta only delivering meals within the US, only those residing in the US can receive the meals (sorry non-U.S. based Paleo practitioners)

This would be a great way to try out Paleo if you don’t know where to get started. Jump start your Paleo journey!

Trifecta Nutrition is a paleo meal delivery service, offering organic fully Paleo compliant meals made in their professional kitchen. We have previously interviewed the CEO of Trifecta Nutrition about their services and what makes them a unique company here. 

Givewaway from Trifecta Nutrition 21 Paleo Meals for you and a Friend!




Process of choosing a winner – – counted from top:

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  • Hannah Van Horn

    Hannah Van Horn
    love to eat healthy and have dinner ready for me when I get home!! :)
    Shea Thurston

  • shea

    Shea Thurston
    I would love these meals because I am a busy college student and have little to no time to cok for myself ):
    Hannah Van Horn

  • Justin Laureano

    Justin Laureano
    I’d love to receive the meals to assist in a weight loss journey
    Alexsis Lopez

  • Dani

    Danielle Voisinet
    I’ve always wanted to commit to a Paleo diet to help combat stomach issues and this would give me the kick start I need!
    Russell :)

  • Jackson Stramler

    Jackson Stramler
    I just started working nightshift and have been struggling with finding healthy options to pack.
    Helena :)

  • Rachael Chisholm

    Rachael Chisholm
    I’ve been AIP for 18 months and a week without cooking would be so nice!

  • Naomi L.

    Naomi L.
    I’d like to try a week’s worth of Trifecta meals because I like they use organic, non-processed ingredients.
    Joseph H.

  • Bob Hardy

    Bob Hardy
    Just starting this Paleo thing and learning to make meals
    Lori Bond

  • nintendoracle

    Alex P.
    Between college and my after-school program, my diet has gone off the rails! It would be nice to jump-start my paleo adventure again with my buddy.
    Brandon D.

  • Devon Viola

    Devon Viola
    I’m paleo in college– lots of frozen veggies and sardines instead of ramen. I’d love to try a week’s worth of healthy, tasty, AND convenient food!

  • Matthew Soens

    Matthew Soens.
    I’d love to try this because I am going through diet changes to treat MS. I’ve been aggressive with diet, and this would be right in line with what I am doing.
    Conner Strickland.

  • Mary McLaughlin

    1.Mary McLaughlin
    2. I’ve been wanting to start a paleo lifestyle to help manage my autoimmune conditions and feel healthier.
    3. Jason

  • Caroline

    Caroline McCormick
    I’ve been thinking about subscribing to a paleo meal plan delivery service and I’d love to give it a test run!

  • ghibli777

    Kate McNul
    I recently began paleo for medical reasons and would love have experience a meal plan service to help with the process:)

  • amoratada

    Lauren Lamp
    I’ve done paleo in the past but after a big life change where I moved to a new city without a lot of my kitchen gear, having supplementary paleo meals to help me restart would be great!

  • Anone Mouse

    Sarah M.
    This would be a great way to try these meals before committing so much money to the service.

  • Justin Lipner

    I’ve been eating paleo for a while, and I have trouble sticking with it sometimes, especially with my fiancée wanting a more standard diet. This would solve that for a wonderful week! Nichole would love this!

  • Keisha Herbin Smith

    This would save time and help me with meal planning. Excited!

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    Ruben Gutierrez

    These meals looks scrumptious, and I would love to learn new cooking techniques.