Cooking this week: Homemade Paleo Thai Red Curry Paste, Paleo Thai Coconut Mushroom Soup, Thai Paleo Red Curry with Japanese Pumpkin, Thai Mushroom Paleo Krapow, Chinese Paleo Almond Cookies and Paleo Aglio Olio Sauce

This continues a recent series I have been publishing highlighting our everyday weekly meals for the week. It has been fun keeping track of what paleo dishes we have been making. I hope they provide some inspiration into quick meals you might make on a normal weeknight or weekend afternoon. There was a definite trend […] Continue reading →

Paleo Meal Highlights from this Past Week – Week Ending October 10th (Paleo Chinese Cucumber Salad, Paleo Whipped Coconut Cream Parfait, Paleo Artichokes, Paleo Pan Seared Cremini Mushrooms and Paleo Greek Green Bean Stew)

This is a weekly post highlighting some of the everyday meals I have been eating this week on the Paleo Diet. Hopefully it provides some inspiration to others. First up from quick paleo meals from this week, a quick, paleo, easy cucumber appetizer dish: Paleo Smashed Shanghai Cucumber Salad, Appetizer These garlicy cucumbers are truly addictive! This is a slight modification for Paleo eaters of a unique recipe that has been gaining traction online. I personally find these cucumbers really refreshing, but they […] Continue reading →

Best Soups Series: Paleo Cauliflower Soup Guide – A Look at 21 Different Types of Paleo Cauliflower Soup including slow cooker, bacon, coconut milk and AIP versions

Paleo Cauliflower Soup featured image - a roundup post of the best paleo cauliflower soup recipes including paleo broccoli cauliflower soup, paleo cauliflower soup with bacon, paleo cauliflower soup slow cooker, paleo cauliflower soup with coconut milk, paleo spicy cauliflower soup recipes and roasted cauliflower soup paleo If you are searching for a paleo cauliflower soup recipe, you are in the right place. Below are 21 cauliflower based paleo soup recipes, one for any preference or style. The recipes are grouped into categories such as AIP or slow cooker versions, to help you quickly locate the perfect recipe for you. Categories: Bacon […] Continue reading →