Q&A with Carter Lewis Co-Owner of modPALEO

modPALEO Logo - modPALEO is a Charlotte NC based paleo food delivery service offering meal deliveries throughout the United States This week we were able to get our questions answered by Carter Lewis, Co-Owner of modPALEO, a North Carolina based Paleo meal service that has grown from offering local to now national delivery. In this interview we cover reversing family members long-standing health issues, star NC local farmers and the new family style and “Pegan” […] Continue reading →

Crafting a Sustainable Paleo Weight Loss Plan

Image of person measuring their waist. If you are looking for a paleo weight loss plan or paleo diet weight loss advice, this article will get you on your way The following article was contributed by Elizabeth Connolly, Co-founder of Trifecta Nutrition, a meal delivery service and part of the Paleo community. Take less medication. Lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Fight hypertension, insulin resistance and joint pain. The health benefits of weight loss are endless. Not to mention […] Continue reading →