Success Story Series: Allison’s Journey with the Paleo Diet for Menopause

Paleo Success Story Series - Paleo Diet for Menopause from Allison Thompson of - In this article Allison recounts her experience with Paleo for women over 50 and her Paleo Menopause weight loss experience
In this article, part of our success story series, Allison shares her experience using the Paleo Diet for Menopause and highlights her successes and challenges following the diet

This success story about the benefits of the Paleo Diet for Menopause was contributed by Allison, who blogs at Her experience will likely help others considering the Paleo Diet, especially those researching Paleo for women over 50. 

It was about 4 years ago when I had one hell of a scare.  I was lying in bed getting a cuddle from my husband.  When he said “have you noticed this lump?”  To say the least I was shocked, as I checked my breasts regularly.  What made it even worse it was my birthday.

I immediately rang my doctor’s service.  I live in Spain having moved from the UK 8 years before.  After seeing the doctor I was immediately sent to have a mammogram.  To cut a long story short I was given the all clear 4 days later.

I had always considered myself in shape.  Shortly after this I began to notice other changes to my body.

I went to see a friend’s doctor, who confirmed I was going through menopause. I followed his recommendations of using progesterone cream to help.  This I did for a year.

How The Paleo Diet Has Helped Me Deal With Menopause

After this I decided to see if there were more natural ways of alleviating the symptoms.  At this time I was already getting interested in Paleo.  It wasn’t so much for me but my husband who was trying to lose weight.

We had got into Paleo through a friend (same one whose doctor I had seen the year before).  She had given my husband several of Mark Sisson’s books as a gift.

Rather than cooking a different meal for me I decided to go Paleo as well.  It was a few weeks before we both started to see the benefits.  Yes we had our set backs living in Spain.  Sometimes finding good quality meat can prove difficult.  But I’ve noticed a huge change as more and more stores choose to stock free range and grass-fed meats.

Along with choosing to eat more Paleo approved foods. I began to look for natural supplements to use in combating menopause symptoms.   I have found that taking supplements such as red clover and magnesium really help.  I also include some foods in my diet that others may not consider to be Paleo, one of which is Kefir!

I have now been going through menopause for the past 3 years.  Yes it can still be challenging, but I find I don’t face as many problems as those who take HRT.

I set up my blog ( initially to let others know about the Paleo diet.  But now I’ve decided to start let others know just how following a Paleo lifestyle has proven beneficial to me.

Yes I’ve put on some weight, but only a few kilo’s.  In fact I’m still well within what is considered to be acceptable for my height and age.  As for other aspects of my life I have to say they are really great.

Generally I find I have plenty of energy.  Yes I do suffer from the odd hot flush or night sweat.  Not that they cause me any real discomfort.  This is because I make sure I eat plenty of broccoli and cauliflower.  Plus I like to make smoothies that include plenty of berries and flax seed.  I also like to include eggs in my diet regularly (usually for breakfast).

In the beginning I did suffer a number of issues relating to my stomach.  But including Kefir in my diet has helped to get rid of these.

There are plenty of Paleo recipes I love.  But one I really enjoy making is chilli.  I make it up then add a little more spice to my husbands.  Okay I’m not able to use bison meat in mine, but I do use the best mince possible.

It isn’t only the Paleo diet that has helped me it is sites like that have helped.  Providing me with lots of interesting facts and great recipes I can try out.

I also took up Crossfit for a couple of years with my husband, again at the suggestion of a friend.

However, years ago I damaged my knee and this injury came back to trouble me.  So I gave it up.  Now I prefer to take my Boxer (Luna) for long walks, as well as going out for runs.  We are lucky to live in an area where we have lots of wide-open spaces and beaches near by.

For any woman who suffers with symptoms relating to menopause I would recommend following a Paleo diet.   As yet the friends I have don’t seem to be dealing with this situation, but all have seen how effective it has been for me.

I cannot thank my friend Anita enough for helping us to discover Paleo.  It really has proven so beneficial in so many ways not only to my health and also to my wellbeing.

Thanks so much Allison for sharing your story!  If others are interested in sharing their successes (or challenges) with switching to a grain free lifesyle, please get in touch with us.


My goal with this website is to help get the message out about grain free diets such as the Paleo and Primal diets, SCD diet and GAPS diet, so that more people might benefit from them. My other main goal is to help everyone transitioning to these diets, which can be challenging when first starting down this path. It definitely was for me.

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