Are There Paleo Frozen Meals at Safeway?

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Today, we’re looking to find out if there are any Paleo frozen meals available at Safeway.

If anything in life is certain, it’s that there are some days you just don’t want to cook. Whether you’re tired, stuck for time or just don’t feel inspired to cook, it’s always good to know you’ve got some trusted, delicious Paleo frozen meals ready and waiting for you.

And where Safeway is one of the most popular grocery stores in the US, it’s understandable that you might wonder whether there are any Safeway Paleo meals available.

And we’re glad to tell you: there are!

We’ve done a little research on your behalf, so you don’t have to go trawling around the supermarkets to see if there are any Paleo meals in the Safeway frozen department, and we found out the following options for you…

Paleo Branded Meals at Safeway

When it comes to frozen meals advertised specifically for the Paleo Diet, there are 4 meals that we came across available at Safeway. You will still want to look at the ingredient list to make sure you are comfortable with all of the ingredients, but these meals are a good starting point:

  • Cedar Lane Paleo Adobo Chicken Bowl:

Cedar Lane’s Paleo bowls are Paleo-certified, meaning there are no gluten or dairy-containing ingredients in their meals. The Adobo Chicken bowl contains tender chicken, riced cauliflower and a coconut amino-balsamic vinegar marinade to sink your tastebuds into.

  • Cedar Lane Paleo Lemon Thyme Chicken Bowl:

The Lemon Thyme Chicken bowl includes chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, butternut squash and a lemon-thyme marinade, ensuring you get all of your protein and veggies in one hearty meal.

  • Cedar Lane Paleo Roasted Pork Bowl:

The Roasted Pork bowl is another apparently popular option, containing roasted pork, roasted sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, butternut squash and a chimichurri sauce.

Frozen Meals at Safeway that Qualify as Paleo

The below meal is not marketed as Paleo, but may be a good option even for those following a more strict version of the Paleo Diet:

  • Smartmade Rosemary Frozen Grilled Beef & Vegetables:

Although not marketed as a Safeway Paleo meal, this frozen meal is naturally Paleo-friendly and contains grilled sirloin beef seasoned with rosemary and served with roasted sweet potatoes, onions and Brussels sprouts. 

For those of your looking for frozen meals that follow the Paleo rules strictly, these are the meals you’ll want to try!

If you’re not as strict and you’d like to see other quasi-Paleo options, see our next section.

Gluten-Free and Quasi-Paleo Meals at Safeway 

There’s a wide range of frozen meals available at Safeway, but unfortunately, the vast majority of them are not very healthy for us. Understandably, some of us who lead hectic lives still want to eat in a way that helps us stay fit, so in comes the dilemma of finding frozen meals that are still nutritious.

Luckily, although Safeway doesn’t have a huge line of Paleo frozen meals, they do have a lot of meals that are ‘quasi-Paleo’.

Aka, they follow some of the Paleo rules but not all.

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are ‘quasi-Paleo’ frozen meals at Safeway. They are all gluten-free, but some of them contain dairy or other non-Paleo ingredients.

Every meal will tell you which non-compliant ingredients are included, so it takes out the guesswork and scrutinous analysis of labels in the supermarket. You can just pick up what you need and go!

Safeway gluten-free frozen meals that contain dairy

  • Healthy Choice Chicken Marinara made with Riced Cauliflower:

Some of Healthy Choice’s Power Bowls include riced cauliflower instead of rice, which is a great choice for those avoiding grains and higher GI foods. This meal contains chicken, riced cauliflower, mixed veggies, marinara sauce and a parmesan garnish. Therefore, this meal is completely gluten-free but contains dairy.

  • Eatingwell Chicken & Fingerling Potatoes Frozen Entree :

 This frozen meal at Safeway contains roasted chicken, fingerling potatoes and vegetables in a whole-grain mustard sauce. It’s completely gluten-free, but does contain dairy in the forms of milk and cream.

  • Real Good Enchiladas:

Real Good Enchiladas are keto-friendly, meaning that they are low in carbohydrates. The enchiladas are completely gluten- and grain-free, but do contain dairy in the form of cheese and milk. Their chicken is raised without antibiotics.

  • Healthy Choice Simply Steamers Frozen Dinner Grilled Chicken Marsala:

Safeway’s Healthy Choice range has some frozen meals that are almost Paleo-friendly. Amongst these is the Steamers range, but I would still caution you to check the label on ones that aren’t listed here. The Grilled Chicken Marsala contains chicken, russet potatoes, whole green beans and sauteed onions in a marsala wine sauce. This option is gluten-free, but does contain dairy and soy ingredients.

  • Amy’s Gluten Free Garden Vegetable Frozen Lasagna:

Amy’s gluten-free range is extensive, and their vegetable frozen lasagna is a good option for those craving some comfort food but still want to remain fairly healthy. The lasagna is gluten-free, but contains dairy products and rice to form the lasagna sheets.

  • Smartmade Roasted Turkey and Vegetables:

This frozen meal option is high in protein and is made up of roasted white meat turkey medallions, honey-glazed sweet potatoes and whole green beans, to pack a meal that is fairly macro-balanced to top. Although it’s gluten-free, be mindful of the dairy and added sugar in this meal. 

  • Healthy Choice Steamers – Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo: 

Another one of Safeway’s Healthy Choice Steamers is the Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo, which contains, you guess it, chicken and broccoli. It is low in carbs, but it’s alfredo sauce uses cheese and milk, so it’s not dairy-free. This frozen meal also contains some soy products.

  • Healthy Choice Power Bowl Basil Pesto Chicken With Riced Cauliflower:

Like the Healthy Choice meal mentioned above, this Healthy Choice Power Bowl is gluten- and grain-free, using riced cauliflower as it’s base instead of rice. This bowl also contains chicken, white kidney beans, veggies and a basil pesto. The added ingredients that don’t fit in with the Paleo philosophy are dairy and legume products.

  • Healthy Choice Steamers – Beef Merlot:

Healthy Choice’s Beef Merlot frozen meal is gluten-free and contains dairy. The dish is made up of tender cuts of beef, roasted russet potatoes, crisp veggies and a merlot wine sauce.

  • Healthy Choice Steamers – Grilled Chicken Pesto & Vegetables:

Last up on this section is another Healthy Choice gluten-free meal. This one has a base of broccoli, cauliflower and peas, topped with grilled chicken and a creamy basil-pesto sauce. As a result, this meal contains dairy, but also contains soy ingredients.

Safeway gluten-free frozen meals that contain soy

  • Healthy Choice Steamers – Grilled Chicken Pesto & Vegetables:

As we just listed above, this meal contains mixed veggies, chicken and a cream-based basil-pesto sauce, making it gluten-free but not dairy-free or soy-free.

  • Healthy Choice Steamers – Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo:

As we noted above, this Safeway frozen meal contains tender chicken and broccoli, tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce. This meal contains soy and dairy products.

  • Healthy Choice Simply Steamers Frozen Dinner Grilled Chicken Marsala:

As with many of the meals in the Healthy Choice range, this meal is gluten-free, but contains dairy and soy. This is a good option for those of you avoiding excess carbs and are less strict on the Paleo guidelines.

  • Evol Teriyaki Chicken:

The Evol range is suitable for those looking for more variety: protein, veggies and carbs all in one meal. The Evol Teriyaki Chicken meal ticks all those boxes, and is a good choice for those who are less strict on Paleo rules. This is because this frozen meal, although gluten- and dairy-free, contains rice and soy products.

  • Amy’s Thai Pad Thai:

Another one of Amy’s gluten-free meals is their Pad Thai-style frozen meal, which is made up of rice noodles, veggies and tofu. It’s a gluten-free and dairy-free meal which is also suitable for vegetarians. However, this meal does contain tofu, which is a soy product.

Safeway gluten-free frozen meals that contain rice

  • Red’s Chicken Cilantro Lime: 

One of Safeway’s quasi-Paleo frozen meal options is a chicken, beans, rice and veggies mix. It’s a certified gluten-free meal, but does include legumes and other grains like rice.

  • Lean Cuisine Sweet & Spicy Korean Beef: 

Lean Cuisine’s beef frozen meal is completely gluten- and dairy-free, making it suitable for most people who have allergies. It contains tender braised beef, brown rice and vegetables with a sweet and spicy korean-style sauce. This is a great option for those that don’t mind the occasional meal with non gluten-containing grains.

  • Evol teriyaki chicken:

The Evol Teriyaki Chicken meal we mentioned earlier is well-balanced with protein, non-starchy veggies and starchy carbohydrates. This Safeway frozen meal contains rice and soy, but is completely gluten- and dairy-free.

  • Amy’s Thai Pad Thai: 

One of Amy’s popular frozen meals is their take on a gluten- and dairy-free Pad Thai meal, which is also suitable for vegetarians. This meal has a base of rice noodles, tofu and veggies, meaning that it contains soy products and non gluten-containing grains.

  • Amy’s Gluten Free Garden Vegetable Frozen Lasagna: 

Amy’s gluten-free veggie lasagna is a good option for those trying to avoid meat-heavy frozen meals, but be aware that this one contains dairy and rice.

  • Evol Fire-Grilled Steak: 

Another one of Evol’s offerings is the Fire-Grilled Steak, which contains grilled steak, black beans, white rice, bell peppers, roasted corn and cheddar cheese, topped with a cilantro-lime pesto. Although certified gluten-free, this frozen dish has legumes, dairy and rice in the ingredients list.

Safeway gluten-free frozen meals that contain legumes

  • Evol Fire-Grilled Steak: 

As we mentioned above, Evol’s Steak bowl is a gluten-free frozen meal that contains rice, beans and dairy, so is suitable for those who are more lenient with the Paleo rules and don’t mind occasionally using a dish like this to remain close to the Paleo lifestyle.

  • Red’s Chicken Cilantro Lime: 

Red’s Chicken Cilantro Lime dish is full of chicken, rice, beans and mixed veggies to ensure you have a well-rounded meal that fills you up and keeps you satiated. This meal is more appealing to those of you who don’t mind eating non gluten-containing grains and legumes, whilst still ensuring you stay gluten- and dairy-free.

  • Healthy Choice Power Bowl Basil Pesto Chicken With Riced Cauliflower:

The Healthy Choice Power Bowl we mentioned in the dairy section contains a base of cauliflower rice, meaning that it’s not heavy on the carbohydrates, and is still rich in protein and non-starchy veggies. However, this particular bowl contains both dairy and kidney beans, which are a type of legume. 

National Companies Offering Frozen Paleo Meal Delivery

If after reading through the above options available at Safeway you are feeling like they do not fit with your vision of eating a Paleo diet, you are not alone. There are companies out there that have focused on covering 100% of the aspects recommended for eating an ideal Paleo Diet – from ingredient sourcing like organic seasonal produce and only 100% grass fed and finished or wild proteins from small scale farms.

The companies listed below offer delivery of these strict Paleo meals straight to your door (either frozen or refrigerated), which gives you the option of skipping the trip to Safeway and getting the meals delivered directly to your home or office.

For those of you who want to remain as close to the Paleo philosophy as possible, then this is a great option for you. Many of these meal delivery services will use locally-sourced and organic ingredients, and source from farms that utilize sustainable animal welfare techniques.

Supporting these smaller (in comparison to Safeway) businesses increases the demand for real, healthy food, and helps local farms and other suppliers to thrive.

Paleo on the Go, with their affordable Paleo and AIP plans that are shipped to all addresses nationwide, are a great option for Paleo food delivery Southern California services.
Paleo On the Go

Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go are a highly recommended Paleo and AIP-approved meal delivery service shipping to all states in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska.

They are able to ship to you within 2 days, great for those who need Paleo meals on short notice or are interested in receiving regular deliveries. They are shipped frozen, to ensure maximal freshness and quality of the product.

Paleo on the Go are passionate about only using humanely-raised animals to provide the meat for their meals, which are raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones and are kept in spaces with access to pasture. All Paleo on the Go’s meals contain organic produce, and only use conventional for produce on the ‘Clean Fifteen’ list.

To make use of Paleo on the Go’s services, see:
Note: Paleo on the Go is offering a 10% discount for our readers, use code “MYPALEOS” at checkout for 10% off your entire order – one time use.

I recorded a video of unboxing one of my recent Paleo on the Go orders:

Screenshot of the Pete's Paleo home page - Petes does offer AIP meals but they can be hard to locate, see below
Pete’s Paleo

Pete’s Paleo

Pete’s Paleo are a national Paleo meal delivery service delivering chef-prepared and seasonal dishes to your zip code.

Their menu is constantly changing in accordance with the seasons, so that you receive meals that are strictly adherent to the Paleo philosophy as well as ecologically sustainable.

They use local and organic suppliers for their meals, so that you’re receiving local & organic produce, grass-fed beef, wild-caught seafood, pasture-raised pork and pastured poultry.

By choosing Pete’s Paleo, you’ll be supporting local communities and farmers, as well as getting a product that’s fresh, good-for-you and delicious.

To find out more, check out:

The Good Kitchen home page - is a north carolina based paleo food delivery service offering both a la card individual paleo entrees as well as weekly subscription plans. They source produce from their network of small farmers in the Charlotte NC area, including pasture raised grass fed meats. ModPALEO is a great option for paleo nyc delivery services, as they strive to keep meal costs reasonable while providing high quality meals. They are also worth considering if you are looking for gluten free nyc delivery options and organic meal delivery nyc options as their meals are both gluten free and ingredients tend to be almost exclusively organic. ModPALEO is definitely a company to consider for paleo food delivery nyc services.
The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen are based in North Carolina, shipping Paleo frozen meals to the continental US for free.

They are popular amongst Paleo practitioners because of their sound approach to food. They stick to the Paleo principles entirely, whilst also incorporating meals that are appropriate for the Whole30 challenge.

They also ensure that they only source grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture-raised poultry, pork, eggs, lamb and turkey, and Seafood Watch-compliant seafood. Their produce is also sourced from farms that use organic practices.

The farms that they have partnerships with encourage sustainability in their practice, using environmentally-friendly techniques such as regenerative agriculture to ensure that the land they use is kept fertile and healthy.

You can expect high-quality, nutritious Paleo frozen meals from The Good Kitchen, which can be shipped to your front door on a weekly basis.

To find out more, check out:

I also did a video of unboxing my most recent The Good Kitchen order:

Why Should I Use Frozen Meals?

Hopefully this run-down of Safeway’s frozen meal offerings has helped you to make informed choices about the dishes you want to stock up on at home, but you might still be a bit hesitant about using frozen meals.

It’s been the thinking for a long time that frozen meals are unhealthy, and that’s because, for the most part, it’s been true.

However, these days, frozen meals can actually include some high-quality, nutritious ingredients that can actually help you to stay consistent with your goals.

Frozen foods, especially Paleo frozen meals actually retain their nutrient-density, so that you don’t lose all of those valuable vitamins and minerals that helps to support every chemical reaction in the body.

In other words, some frozen foods can actually be better for you than some fresh foods.

Although relying on frozen meals exclusively doesn’t embrace the Paleo spirit, they are really useful to have on hand for times when you don’t want to cook, and now you can stop feeling guilty about using Safeway’s frozen meals as a tool.

Other Paleo Meal Suggestions

Safeway is constantly changing and improving their line of Paleo frozen meals, so you can be sure that as time goes on, there will be more and more Paleo frozen meals to choose from.

This is especially if there is a demand for Paleo frozen meals at Safeway, so don’t be afraid to ask your nearest stockist for more Paleo choices. They may not always be able to help you there and then, but if the demand is there, then Safeway will add more Paleo lines to their frozen department.

If you know any of any other Safeway Paleo meals that we haven’t listed today, drop us a message and we’ll make sure to add it to the list.


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