8 Paleo Meal Delivery Buffalo and Niagara Companies offering Healthy, Organic, Gluten Free and Grain Free Meals

Buffalo Paleo Meal Delivery and Niagara Falls New York Paleo Delivery Companies offering Healthy Paleo Food Delivery in Buffalo, Organic Meal Delivery in Buffalo, etc. If you are on the hunt for healthy food delivery Buffalo and healthy food delivery Niagara Falls NY options, you'll definitely want to check out the covered in this article - Photo of Buffalo City, river
Do you live in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls New York area and follow the Paleo Diet? Have you ever wondered if you could find a local chef or Buffalo Paleo meal delivery service that would make sugar and grain free meals that you could pick up or be delivered to your house? In this article we cover the many options for residents of the greater Buffalo/Niagara NY area.
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Although a major principle of eating Paleo is making food from scratch with all natural whole ingredients, as Paleo becomes a full time lifestyle for many people, there are inevitably times when it would be helpful to have the option of purchasing meals. For example during busy periods with school, work, moving to a new house, traveling or any other stressful time or period of change.

Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice your principles, as there are now a good number of options in Buffalo that will deliver meals containing high quality ingredients and carefully excluding grains, dairy and sugars from the recipes. Many of these companies have worked with local and organic farmers to source high quality ingredients and strictly follow Paleo principles so that you don’t have to worry about downgrading your adherence to the diet, just to gain a little more time back in your day. In this article we review all of the options.

Local Paleo Food Delivery Buffalo Services

The following section covers companies based locally in the Buffalo area that offer Paleo food delivery.

Local company Project Lean Nation offers a Paleo Meal Plan based loosely on Paleo and Whole 30. For people looking for a local Paleo Delivery Buffalo option or just healthy meal delivery buffalo options, but maybe not super strict Paleo Project Lean Nation might be a great choice
Project Lean Nation in Buffalo

Project Lean Nation

Project Lean Nation, a Buffalo healthy food delivery company with a local office in Williamsville NY, offers several meal plans for residents of the area. One of their plans, their WholeLife meal line is “designed to bring the Paleo approach into the 21st century”. The WholeLife plan is committed to avoiding all dairy, “processed grains” and gluten containing ingredients. So it can be a great option for those looking for a local company offering an intro to the Paleo approach. The company also mentions that all meals in this plan will be based on what is seasonally available and reviewed by their dietitians to make sure it is balanced and healthy. That said, the commitment to the source of ingredients in the meals, both produce and proteins, is less defined than with some other Paleo delivery companies. Meals are delivered to Buffalo residents weekly on Mondays and delivery meals are sent out frozen via UPS.

For more information on Project Lean Nation and prices see:


Project Live Nation Reviews:

and Yelp

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National Companies Offering Paleo Meal Delivery to Buffalo

The following companies deliver to all addresses throughout the greater Buffalo and Niagara Falls areas, and offer a great option for getting specialized Paleo compliant meals delivered directly to you, with a number of variations in Paleo plan options.

This is a photo of the Paleo on the Go home page. POTG offers Paleo food delivery Niagara Falls NY plans, through their nationwide meal delivery services. For those looking for healthy meal delivery Buffalo and healthy meals delivered Niagara Falls options, look no further than Paleo on the Go. Their Buffalo delivery service, consists of delivering Paleo friendly meals from their kitchens in Florida, right to your door each week. If you have been scoping out Paleo restaurant Buffalo offerings, you'll also want to check out Paleo delivery through Paleo on the Go.
Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go is a very popular delivery service which has delivery coverage throughout the greater Buffalo area. Paleo on the Go is promoted by a number of high profile bloggers, especially those promoting Paleo for it’s ability to help with health issues and autoimmune conditions. Proteins used in the meals are grass fed or free range and produce is sourced from to the degree possible from local farms either using organic produce if found on the EWG dirty dozen food list or conventionally grown for other ingredients to keep costs down. They carefully follow with strict adherence to Paleo principles and even offer a specialized AIP plan for those doing this diet, and have obtained a number of independent Paleo certifications for their meals. They also offer popular add-ons like bone broths, Paleo rendered cooking fats and other specialized Paleo options to assist with meal prep by offering some of the most time consuming ingredients for you. Meals are shipped out in specialized cooler boxes using express shipping from their kitchens in Florida.

See paleoonthego.com for prices and meal options.

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For our detailed write up on Paleo on the Go including reviews, see our in-depth coverage on them.

This photo is of the Trifecta Nutrition home page. Trifecta offers organic meal delivery Buffalo serving plans. If you are considering healthy meal delivery Buffalo options and healthy delivery Niagara Falls NY options, Trifecta is definitely a company you'll want to check out. Their prepared meal delivery Buffalo plans offer gluten free, organic and in-season ingredients. If you are on the hunt for Niagara Falls Paleo restaurants, you might want to check out the Paleo delivery options in Buffalo such as Trifecta.


Trifecta is another popular nationwide Paleo meal delivery service that will deliver their meals to all addresses in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. All Trifecta meals in addition to being Paleo use 100% organic ingredients, from the produce to the proteins used in their meals, in addition to the more typical grass fed, free range proteins found with just about all of the larger Paleo meal delivery services. They offer all meals in convenient reheatable containers for bringing to work or quick reheating in the microwave and focus on utilizing sustainable packaging in the shipping materials and meal containers. Meals are shipped refrigerated, ready to warm up, or alternatively freeze for later use.

See trifectanutrition.com for current prices and their Paleo and organic meal delivery Buffalo offerings.


ModPALEO, home page pictured, offers Paleo food delivered Buffalo options. If you are looking for healthy food delivered Buffalo and Niagara falls offerings, modPaleo is a great place to look. Their prepared food delivery buffalo plans give you meal delivery service Buffalo options. If you are checking out Paleo restaurants in the Niagara Falls Buffalo area, you definitely should consider modPaleo as an alternative to Paleo takeout options in Buffalo proper.


ModPaleo, based in North Carolina but offering delivery throughout Buffalo and the surrounding region, offers Paleo compliant a la carte meals, using produce and grass fed meats from local farms in their area in North Carolina. One nice thing is ModPaleo’s emphasis on ordering individual a la carte meals, rather than a subscription plan being required. They list the ingredients in each meal and group them into categories such as Paleo Vegetarian, Beef Based or Primal meals so it’s easy to pick out meals that fit your particular preferences.

See thegoodkitchen.com (they recently rebranded from modPALEO to The Good Kitchen) for modPALEOs complete menu and list of healthy meals delivered Buffalo / nationwide plans.

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For our detailed write up on The Good Kitchen including reviews, see our in-depth coverage on them.


This shows the Petes Paleo home page, a company offering Paleo delivery Buffalo meals and services. Petes offers both Niagara Falls and Buffalo Meal Delivery Service offerings through their nationwide delivery plans. If you are looking for a Buffalo delivery service that is both organic and uses local farm based produce, you'll definitely want to consider Petes. Their meal delivery service Niagara Falls options give you an alternative option to local Paleo friendly restaurants niagara falls and Paleo friendly restaurants Buffalo options available in the area.
Pete’s Paleo

Petes Paleo

Pete’s Paleo is another high quality chef delivery service offering meals to the greater Buffalo area. Pete’s focuses on the basic in Paleo meals, high quality in-season produce and proteins produced by local farmers, seasoned to highlight the flavors of the ingredients. They avoid using any sweeteners, Paleo approved or otherwise, in their meals, making them a great option for someone also attempting to do a sugar detox. They deliver their meals in vacuum sealed pouches, in custom Pete’s ziplock packages with details of the protein and 2 sides included in each meal. Meals are delivered refrigerated, ready to be reheated or frozen for long term meal planning.

See petespaleo.com for a complete list of prices, meal plans and healthy food delivery Buffalo options.


Eatology offers Paleo meal delivery Buffalo options with their nationwide Paleo food delivery. Their Buffalo meal delivery service covers the entire area, offering true Paleo Niagara Falls Meal Delivery, as well as Paleo meal delivery to surrounding areas. With their Paleo Zone plan offerings, they offer prepared meals delivered Buffalo options. So the next time your are thinking about Paleo restaurants Denver options, keep in mind that you can also get delivery food, delivered directly to your door in the Buffalo Niagara area by the friendly folks at Eatology.


Eatology, also offering Paleo meal delivery to Buffalo, focuses their meal plans on meeting both the requirements of Paleo (or Primal if you prefer), but also of the Zone diet, a way of balancing the macronutrients in meals to optimize performance and weight loss. Their meals, which tend to be relatively affordable, are portioned into sizes known as blocks, to help with managing the amount being consumed. Different sizes based on the number of block portion sizes are priced accordingly. Eatology uses a unique foil packaging system for their meals that can be both heated in the oven or microwave.

See http://www.eatology.co for Eatology’s Paleo-zone plans and pricing, including nationwide plans for healthy meal delivery Buffalo options.

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For our detailed write up on Eatology including reviews, see our in-depth coverage on them.

For our detailed write up, including reviews, see our in-depth coverage on Eatology.


Pre Made Paleo offers Whole30 and Paleo Meal Delivery Buffalo and Paleo Delivery Niagara Falls options. Although based out of Atlanta, their food delivery service Buffalo offerings allow them to ship to any address in the greater Buffalo NY or Niagara Falls area and nearby towns over the border in Canada. If you are looking for a delivery service Buffalo option offering grain free and gluten free, look no further than Pre Made Paleo. Along with Buffalo Paleo restaurants in the area, having these nationwide delivery services serving Buffalo only increases your options.
PreMade Paleo

Pre-Made Paleo

Pre-Made Paleo, who has operated a frozen Paleo meal delivery service for a long time, ships all over the country including all areas surrounding Buffalo and even local regions of Canada. The head chef partners in multiple ways with the Whole30 organization and all meals created by PreMade Paleo are also Whole30 compliant as well as Paleo. They offer a number of interesting options in their frozen Paleo meals, such as wild game meats like elk and wild boar and recently began offering a fresh meal line in addition to their frozen Paleo meal plan.

See premadepaleo.com for prices and Paleo meal delivery Niagara Falls and Buffalo inclusive nationwide plans

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Caveman Chefs, website pictured, offers Paleo Catering and Paleo food delivery Buffalo and Niagara falls delivery, from their kitchens and base in Denver Colorado. If you are looking for Home Delivered Meals Buffalo NY or Fresh Meal Delivery Niagara Falls New York options, they are a great service to try out, which their careful attention to allergies and special eating plans, such as KETO, low FODMAPS, etc. For those looking for delivery services and Paleo Restaurants in Buffalo, there are starting to be some great options.
Caveman Chefs

Caveman Chefs

Caveman Chefs, a Paleo delivery service headquartered in Denver and using local Colorado farms and ranches, delivers Paleo meals nationwide, including to Buffalo. They focus on innovative Paleo dishes, as well as being highly customizable with their meal plans, working with individuals on any special dietary requirements such as Keto, AIP, FODMAP or any other variation or food allergy you might have to craft a meal plan that will work for you.

Visit http://www.cavemanchefs.com for more information on their Paleo delivery Buffalo options

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For our detailed write up on Caveman Chefs including reviews, see our in-depth coverage on them.

Best Time Ever for Paleo Meal Delivery Buffalo & Niagara Falls Paleo Delivery Options

As we have hopefully made clear in this article, the Paleo Delivery options living in Buffalo are a lot more extensive than you might have originally thought. Between what is available locally, and meals that can be delivered to your front door, you have quite a range of options for supplementing homemade Paleo dishes with healthy, whole foods made by professional chefs.

With several of the larger Paleo delivery companies, the ingredients available are often exceptional and might be challenging to get locally on a regular basis. These companies have deep relationships with local farmers in their area to be able to make meals based on seasonal local produce and long term partnerships with ranches raising meats to the highest quality standards anywhere. In many areas these are not easy ingredients to find on your own and on a consistent basis.

In addition, by working with chefs in areas like North Carolina, southern California and Florida, you have the option of eating foods that use both seasonal, farmer produced small batch ingredients that would likely not be available during such a long growing season. By having those farmers partner directly with chefs, you are cutting out the long supply chain of the grocery industry and only shipping the finished food rather than the many hops and non-edible portions of produce, meats and seafood directly in a finished form.

If you are looking for a way to make eating a grain free Paleo diet on a more consistent basis a reality and ways to supplement your own cooking at times when you might need a break or are entering a busy period in your life, these companies are amazing options to consider.

Other Paleo Delivery Buffalo Area Companies

If you have any other suggestions of other options to pick up Buffalo Paleo Friendly Meal Delivery, or even Buffalo Paleo restaurants that might offer takeout or delivery options, please let us know in the comments. Hopefully with these options and new ones in the future the Paleo community in Buffalo will continue to thrive.



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