7 Wild, Alaskan, Sugar Free & Paleo Salmon Jerky Brands Compared

Photo of salmon run in Alaska - the featured image for our article on Paleo Salmon Jerky and Wild Salmon Jerky (hopefully the photo is enticing about wanting to eat natural, sustainable salmon). In this article we cover different options for dried salmon products.
Searching for healthy salmon jerky options without the sugars and unhealthy ingredients found in many mainstream brands? In this article we look at a number of companies offering wild caught, alaskan, sugar free, gluten free and Paleo salmon jerky products. 
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Wild caught salmon, such as salmon from the managed fisheries of Alaska, is one of the proteins that just about everyone can agree is healthy: doctors, Paleo/Primal and clean eating advocates and even environmentalists concerned with the sustainability of the oceans. At the same time the array of types of Jerky’s on the market has exploded over the last several years. One of these types of jerky quickly gaining popularity is made from salmon, as one solution to making the healthiest jerky possible. Luckily this trend has started to include companies focusing their efforts on offering healthy, gluten free and Paleo salmon jerky offerings without all the refined sugars and other junk in traditional convenience store Jerkies.

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Paleo Salmon Jerky

Screenshot of the Epic page where they discuss their Epic Salmon Maple Coconut Oil Bites product. These sun dried salmon bites are designed to be sourced from high quality sustainably caught alaskan salmon, with only Paleo approved sweeteners. These preserved salmon bites are glazed in maple sugars, but hopefully only lightly.
Epic Salmon Maple Coconut Oil Bites

Epic Salmon Maple Coconut Oil Bites

Epic Salmon Jerky Bites Ingredients: Wild Caught Salmon, Maple Sugar, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Dill, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder

Company Description

“Our 100% Wild Caught Salmon is sourced from family owned fishermen based in the famous Bristol Bay Region of Alaska. Our wild caught salmon enjoy nutritious diets high in ocean plankton and enjoy open range swimming that is consistent with how the species has evolved. As a reliable supply of nutritious protein and fat, salmon has long been at the heart of the culture and livelihood of our coastal dwelling ancestors. To compliment the amazing flavor of Alaskan Salmon, we mix this nourishing cold water fish with maple, coconut oil, and a hint of dill.”

Where to Buy Epic Salmon Jerky Bites: Amazon

Additional Info: https://epicbar.com/bites-detail/36

Epic Salmon Jerky Bites Reviews:


Epic Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/epicbar/posts_to_page/

Screenshot of the Wild Merman website - They take advantage of several fish jerky recipes to craft their line of Paleo friendly salmon jerkys.
Wild Merman Salmon Jerky

Wild Merman Salmon Jerky

Company Description:

“we find ourselves in Washington, closer to the source of one of the most nourishing, sustainable and protein dense foods out there…Wild Salmon. So with the help of Kickstarter, we launched the first wild-caught Paleo friendly salmon jerky.”

Wild Merman Salmon Jerky Ingredients:

Sweet Maple Flavor: Wild Keta Salmon, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Maple Sugar, Sea Salt.

Chipotle Molasses Flavor: Wild Salmon, Honey, Organic Blackstrap Molasses***, Organic Chipotle Pepper, Sea Salt (*** may not be considered strict Paleo by many)

Where to Buy Merman Salmon Jerky:


Additional Info: 


Wild Merman Salmon Jerky Reviews:


Paleo Salmon Jerky made with No Sugar (refined or unrefined)

Screenshot of the Fish Brothers website - They sell one of the only smoked salmon jerky products we have found that is also Paleo friendly.
Fish Brothers Smoked Salmon Jerky

Fish Brothers Smoked Salmon Jerky All Wild Caught

Company Description:

“Wild, all natural smoked Salmon Jerky requires no refrigeration and has a 90 day shelf life.”

Fish Brothers Smoked Salmon Jerky Ingredients:

Wild Alaskan Salmon, salt, spices and natural hickory smoke

Where to Buy Fish Brothers Smoked Salmon Jerky:


Fish Brothers Smoked Salmon Jerky Reviews:


Wild Salmon Jerky (Primal/Less Strict Options)

Screenshot of the jerky.com home page - They offer a wide array of jerkys, including salmon Jerky and even specialty fish jerkies like trout jerky. If you like your salmon dry, their selection of sun dried fish is pretty impressive.
Jerky.com Original Salmon Jerky

Jerky.com Original All Natural Salmon Jerky (also sugar free)

Company Description:

“We take wild caught Alaskan salmon, hand slice it then smoke it and air dry it for up to 14 days until its just right. The result? The most traditional, highest quality salmon jerky we could make.”

Jerky.com Original Salmon Jerky Ingredients:

Wild Alaska Salmon, Sea Salt, Non Fat Powdered Milk, Natural Birch Wood Smoke

Where to buy Jerky.com Original Salmon Jerky:

From Amazon or (jerky.com)

Jerky.com Original Salmon Jerky Reviews:

Jerky.com Original Salmon Jerky Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/jerky/posts_to_page/
Jerky.com Original Salmon Jerky Yelp Reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/jerky-com-midtown-okc-oklahoma-city-3

Alaskan Salmon Jerky

Screenshot of the Alaska's Best website - The alaska's best salmon jerky is quite popular, likely due to it being a wild salmon product sourced exclusively in Alaska, which tends to have sustainable fishing. If you are in the market for dehydrated fish jerky, Alaska's best is one readily available option.
Alaska’s Best Wild King Salmon Jerky

Alaska’s Best Wild King Salmon Jerky

Company Description

“Alaska’s Best smoked salmon jerky is made from wild salmon from icy fresh Pacific waters. Each salmon is hand filleted, carefully seasoned and slow smoked over cherry and alder wood for over 24 hours.”

Alaska’s Best Wild King Salmon Jerky Ingredients:  Wild salmon, salt, brown sugar, corn syrup solids, natural flavoring, spices, garlic powder

Where to Buy Alaska’s Best Jerky: Amazon

Additional Info: http://www.alaskasbestsalmonjerky.com/jerky/

Alaska’s Best Wild King Salmon Jerky Reviews:


Alaska’s Best Wild King Salmon Jerky Yelp Reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/trappers-creek-smoking-anchorage

Trader Joe’s Salmon Jerky

Screenshot of the Trader Joes fearless flyer newsletter archive on their website - In terms of salmon jerky trader joe's has offered several updated versions of this popular product over the years. One unique aspect of the Trader Joe's salmon jerky is that they commit to it being king salmon jerky, while other brands do not always commit to the type of salmon used.
Trader Joe’s Wild King Salmon Jerky

Trader Joe’s Wild King Salmon Jerky

Company Description

“The salmon is kippered (rubbed with salt, brown sugar, and spices) and dried for 24 hours in the smoke house. The result is a Salmon Jerky that’s significantly more moist than many jerkys, and intensely meaty and flavorful.”

Trader Joe’s Wild King Salmon Jerky Ingredients: Sliced dried salmon brined in brown sugar, molasses, sea salt and maple syrup

Where to Buy Trader Joe’s Wild King Salmon Jerky: Amazon and in-store

Additional Info (Salmon Jerky Trader Joe’s): https://www.traderjoes.com/fearless-flyer/article/2487

Trader Joe’s Wild King Salmon Jerky Reviews:


Salmon Jerky Whole Foods

Screenshot of the Instacart website showing info on the Whole Catch Wild Salmon Jerky item - This Whole Foods Salmon Jerky was available under the Whole Catch brand from Whole Foods. There were several salmon jerky whole foods products available under this product line. If you are in the market for dehydrated salmon products and live near a Whole Foods store, they tend to have a pretty decent collection of Jerky brands, including but not limited to their own product line.
Whole Foods Whole Catch Salmon Jerky

Whole Foods Whole Catch Salmon Jerky

Company Description

“A unique take on a classic snack, our Salmon Jerky is made from wild caught salmon expertly filleted and then dehydrated leaving a rich salmon flavor and meaty texture. An excellent source of protein. It’s perfect for hikes, lunches and in between meal snacks.”

Original Whole Catch Salmon Jerky Ingredients: Keta Salmon, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Caramel Color, Natural Smoke Flavor

Where to Buy Whole Foods Whole Catch Salmon Jerky: Amazon

Whole Foods Whole Catch Salmon Jerky Reviews:


Salmon Jerky for Dogs

Note: I have decided to remove this section of the article, due to so many horror stories about all types of Jerky treats causing health issues for pets (dogs and cats). Although Trader Joe’s and Fruitables both have Salmon Jerky treats that I considered including in the article, as they do not contain sugars or additives, it made me uncomfortable to cover dog treat Jerky’s due to the health concerns over the last several years: http://www.petful.com/pet-health/jerky-treat-recalls-2013/

The Search for the Best Salmon Jerky or Dried Salmon Brands

In this article we’ve attempted to list a number of great options for those looking for Paleo friendly salmon jerky, salmon jerky brands with no refined sugars and wild salmon Jerky that are made from sustainable and specifically Alaskan salmon.

If you know of other great options for jerky, dehydrated salmon and sun dried salmon products that we missed, please let us know in the comments below. We are always attempting to highlight the best options for those on these specialty diets, like these preserved salmon products, in our articles.

If you are looking for other types of Paleo friendly jerky, we’ve written a couple of other articles about Paleo tuna jerky, Paleo beef jerky and other sugar free, gluten free, grain free products you might be interested in as well. 


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