8 Paleo Approved Bars Compared, 100% Paleo Bars & Where to Buy Them

Photo of Paleo Approved Bars/Paleo Compliant Bars in grocery store - this article covers a number of prepackaged off the shelf brands. Would you love to find out where do you buy paleo bars from great brands like Steve's PaleoGoods? Read on for all of our research. We are fortunate that great companies like Freedom Bar exist these days. If you are searching for where to buy paleo bars you have come to the right place. There are a number of paleo clif bars like products with all Paleo and Whole30 allowed ingredients, listed in this article. Finding out info like where to buy paleo bars julian bakery bars is included in this article.
Sometimes it’s great to be able to reach for Whole30 and Paleo compliant bars when you are short on time. In this article we go over where to buy Paleo approved bars that you can feel safe eating and highlight the ingredients of each bar so you can compare them based on your own personal Paleo guidelines

Although the real purpose of following a diet like the Paleo Diet or Whole30 is to make foods from scratch with fresh whole unadulterated ingredients like grass fed meats, wild seafood and organically grown vegetables, as you follow these diets for the long term, there is inevitably going to be a day where you need a quick snack on the run or it ends up being an unusually crazy day.

For those days where you need something packaged that you can slip into your pocket, backpack or purse in case of emergency, there are finally some pretty good options for Paleo compliant bars on the market. In this article we’ll compare and contrast some of the bars that stick most closely to the tenets of Paleo and Whole 30 as well as some of the most popular Paleo bars, as well as cover where to buy Paleo bars.

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Paleo Approved Bars/Paleo Compliant Bars

The bars in this first section most strictly comply with Whole30 and Paleo Diet requirements – they contain the least amount of gray area ingredients on their nutrition labels.

Although we cover a number of Paleo bars for sale, you might start with these ones below and see if any of them will work for you.

Screenshot of the Steve's Paleogoods homepage - With their Paleo Approved Bars/Paleo Compliant Bars offerings, Steve's Paleogoods is a swell member of the Paleo and clean eating community. Our list of the paleo bars amazon options on the market. We cover many where do you buy paleo bars options to give insight into your buying decision.
Steves Paleo Goods – Pumpkin Paleokrunch Bar

Steve’s Paleogoods Pumpkin Paleokrunch Bar

Pumpkin Paleokrunch Bar Ingredients:
Almonds, Shredded Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Coconut Oil, Honey, Pumpkin, Baking Soda, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cloves.
Company Description:
“Our Pumpkin PaleoKrunch Bar is gluten-free, grain-free and delicious. It starts with our original recipe of shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and a touch of honey.”
Where to Buy Steve’s Paleogoods Pumpkin Paleokrunch Bar: Amazon, Steve’s Website, Paleo by Maileo & Whole Foods
Additional Info: https://www.stevespaleogoods.com/pumpkin-paleokrunch-bar-p/bar-krunch-pumpkin.htm
Steve’s Paleogoods Pumpkin Paleokrunch Bar Reviews:
Steve’s Paleogoods Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/pg/stevespaleogoods/reviews/

Screenshot of the Steve's Paleogoods homepage - With their Paleo Approved Bars/Paleo Compliant Bars offerings, Steve's Paleogoods is a swell member of the Paleo and clean eating community. Our list of the paleo bars amazon options on the market. We cover many where do you buy paleo bars options to give insight into your buying decision.
Freedom Bar – Apple Cinnamon

Freedom Bar Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon Ingredients:
Organic Dates, Dried Apples, Cinnamon, Almonds, Pecans
Company Description:
“This fruity and nutty bar has everything to love about it. We combined a unique blend of nuts and fruits together, with a hint of cinnamon to create a burst of flavors we know you’ll love.”
Where to Buy Freedom Bar Apple Cinnamon: Amazon, FreedomBar Website
Additional Info: https://www.freedombar.com/products/apple-cinnamon
Freedom Bar Apple Cinnamon Reviews:

Screenshot of the Mission Meats homepage - finding kind bars paleo products is no longer a challenge. We have outlined a lot of where can you buy paleo bars products in this post. Whatever your dietary preferences, it’s great to know about paleo friendly bars brands.
Mission Meats – Graze Bar

Mission Meats Original Graze Bar

Original Graze Bar Ingredients:
100% Grass Fed Beef
Company Description:
“Made with 100% Grass-Fed Beef. No sugar! Only the good stuff in these Grass Fed Beef Bars.”
Where to Buy Mission Meats Original Graze Bar: Amazon, Thrive Market, Mission Meats Website
Additional Info: https://missionmeats.co/products/tasty-grass-fed-beef-barhttps://www.amazon.com/Non-GMO-Grass-Fed-Nitrate-Friendly-Original/dp/B01FKV4CDY//?tag=mypaleos-20s-no-sugar-msg-free-gluten-free-nitrate-nitrite-free-paleo-friendly?variant=21970897347
Mission Meats Original Graze Bar Reviews:
Mission Meats Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/missionmeatsnacks/reviews/

Screenshot of the Simple Squares homepage - For those seeking paleo granola bar brands products, we have you covered. Living this lifestyle, it’s helpful to know about companies like Simple Squares which offer paleo diet bars whole foods offerings. there are a number of brands of julian paleo bars.
Simple Squares Organic Coconut Bar

Simple Squares Organic Coconut Protein Bar

Organic Coconut Protein Bar Ingredients:
Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds, Organic Honey, Organic Unsweetened Coconut, Organic Vanilla, Sea Salt
Company Description:
“Our ultimate Coconut packs a trifecta of tree nuts, honey and cream pie goodness into one decadent square.”
Where to Buy Simple Squares Organic Coconut Protein Bar: Amazon, Thrive Market, Walmart, SimpleSquares Website
Additional Info: https://simplesquares.com/organic-coconut-protein-bar-box-of-12/
Simple Squares Organic Coconut Protein Bar Reviews:
Simple Squares Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/pg/simplesquares/reviews/

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars

Another great option for those attempting to stay fairly strict in their adherence to Paleo principles, Blue Dinosaur Paleo bars were created by an Australian company for the local aussie’s following the Paleo Diet. Luckily, they are now being sold by Amazon and other e-retailers throughout the world, so they are likely available online in your neck of the woods. If you have been wondering where can you buy Paleo bars, given that these bars are mostly non-perishable, with the internet your options and selection just got a whole lot bigger.

Screenshot of the Blue Dinosaur homepage - With their Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars offerings, Blue Dinosaur is a swell member of the Paleo and clean eating community. paleo bars target options can be few and far between; read on for examples from Blue Dinosaur and other firms. We like to showcase firms like Blue Dinosaur that offer Paleo eaters and others paleo bars wholesale options.
Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar Banana Bread

Blue Dinosaur Banana Bread

Banana Bread Ingredients:
Sulphur Free Organic Coconut, Dates, Organic Banana, Organic Coconut Oil, Cinnamon
Company Description:
“Organic bananas, cinnamon and coconut! This bar does exactly what it says on the label. “
Where to buy Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars: Amazon, Blue Dinosaur website
Additional Info: http://www.bluedinosaur.com.au/store/products/BDBARBBX12/banana-bread-paleo-bar-x-12
Blue Dinosaur Banana Bread Reviews:
Blue Dinosaur Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/BlueDinosaurBars/posts_to_page/

Primal Bars – Paleo Simplified Bars

The bars in the following sections may be considered Paleo by many but primal by others. One popular bar on the market containing ingredients like spirulina are the Paleo Simplified Bars. In the follow section we go over one of their bars in depth and cover where to buy Paleo simplified bars.

Screenshot of the Paleo Simplified homepage - With Paleo Simplified , your Primal Bars - Paleo Simplified Bars options have increased. Whatever your dietary preferences, it’s great to know about where to buy paleo simplified bars brands. Have you found some paleo clif bars options you love? Want more? We cover products that may also fit your requirements from Paleo Simplified, etc.
Paleo Simplified Bar – Pecan Pie

Paleo Simplified Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Ingredients:
Dates, Pecans, Hemp Protein, Goji Berries, Coconut, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Pure Vanilla Extract, Dried Spirulina
Company Description:
“We use only premium ingredients in our bar and like all of our products each bar has approximately 24 Goji berries and loads of real Superfood! This Vegan bar also has Spirulina – a great super green, coconut and made with only whole delicious Paleo ingredients.”
Where to Buy Paleo Simplified Pecan Pie: Amazon, Paleo Simplified Website
Additional Info: http://www.paleosimplified.com/pecan-pie-gluten-free-raw-vegan-box-of-12-delicious-bars/
Paleo Simplified Pecan Pie Reviews:
Paleo Simplified Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/PaleoSimplified/posts_to_page/

Julian Bakery Paleo Bars – Amazon and Elsewhere

Another very well known line of Paleo bars, possibly because the company has been making them for a relatively long time are the Julian Bakery Paleo Bars. Although it’s a judgement call whether all the ingredients will fit with your criteria of Paleo, we felt this list would not be complete without talking about Julian Bakery and where to buy Julian Bakery Paleo bars.

Screenshot of the Julian Bakery homepage - Looking for Julian Bakery Paleo Bars - Amazon and Elsewhere options should not be so difficult, and now it’s not as you can find an increasing number of products in store and on-line. Living this lifestyle, it’s helpful to know about companies like Julian Bakery which offer where can i buy julian bakery paleo bars offerings. Although where to buy paleo bars julian bakery options can look different than your standard standard American (wheat/sugar/preservatives based) version, products from Julian Bakery can also be wonderfully flavorful and delicious.
Julian Baker Paleo Thin Bar – Sunflower Butter

Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Protein Bar – Sunflower Butter

Paleo Thin Protein Bar – Sunflower Butter Ingredients:
Egg White Powder, Organic Soluble Fiber (from Organic Tapioca), Organic Sunflower Seeds (ground), Monk Fruit Extract
Company Description:
“This delicious sweet & creamy peanut tasting bar (nut free) (Organic Sunflower Powder + Egg Whites+ Monk Fruit) is the best tasting and best for you bar on the market. “
Where to Buy Julian Bakery Paleo Thin bars: Amazon, Walmart, Julian Bakery Website
Additional Info: https://julianbakery.com/product/paleo-protein-bar-pure-sunflower-butter/
Julian Bakery Paleo Thin® Protein Bar – Sunflower Butter Reviews:

RX Bars – Paleo Compliant

One of the more popular Bars on the market generally, RX Bars are billed as a solution for people on the Paleo or Whole30 diet. In fact, they were promoted as Whole30 Approved up until 2015, when it was decided that people were abusing them like candy and Whole30 stopped promoting them. Now owned by Kelogg, RX Bars would qualify for most as Paleo friendly, although their ingredients do list natural flavors, so you are putting your faith in the company that everything included is Paleo friendly.

Screenshot of the Rxbar homepage - RX Bars - Paleo Compliant brands, including those from Rxbar. rxbar amazon options can be few and far between; read on for examples from Rxbar and other firms. We cover many paleo friendly bars options to give insight into your buying decision.
Paleo Friendly RX Bar – Apple Cinnamon

Rxbar Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon Ingredients:
Egg Whites, Dates, Almonds, Cashews, Apples, Cinnamon, Natural Flavors
Company Description:
“Made with pure egg white protein and fiber-rich dates, opt for this soft and chewy Apple Cinnamon bar before or after workouts, during your morning routine, or anytime you need real food on the go. And because we keep out the dairy, soy and any other B.S., there’s no room for the bad stuff.”
Where to Buy Rxbar Apple Cinnamon: Amazon, Walmart, RX Website
Additional Info: https://www.rxbar.com/shop/rxbar/apple-cinnamon-box-of-12-bars.html
Rxbar Apple Cinnamon Reviews:
Rxbar Facebook Reviews/User Posts: https://www.facebook.com/RXBAR/posts_to_page/

Finding the Best Paleo Approved Bars/paleo Compliant Bars

If you know of other great options for paleo approved bars/paleo compliant bars that we missed, please let us know in the comments below. We are always attempting to include the best options available.


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