17 Denver Paleo Restaurants, Paleo Food Delivery and Paleo Takeout Places

Featured Image - Downtown restaurants in Denver Colorado. This article covers eating out, paleo food delivery and paleo takeout options in the Denver metro area, including strict paleo restaurants to general gluten free and grain free restaurants that cater to paleo eaters and are helpful with food subsitutions, and delivery services that service the Denver and Boulder areas that can ship paleo compliant food straight to your door
Looking for great Paleo food options in the Denver and Boulder metro area? Eating out on the Paleo Diet or getting Paleo food delivered in Denver has never been easier! We cover a long list of great Paleo friendly options in the area.
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Live in or visiting Denver? Following the Paleo Diet? Lucky for you, there are a number of local businesses in the Denver and Boulder areas catering to Paleo eaters, whether you are eating out or want your food delivered. Check out the below list highlighting every paleo restaurant Denver has to offer. Denver is a great city for the Paleo Diet! As Boulder is the birthplace of the Paleo movement, there are some amazing paleo Boulder options as well.

Denver Paleo Restaurant Options:

100 Percent Paleo Restaurants – Denver


Screenshot of Mmm...Coffee paleo restaurant Denver, which offers 100% Paleo Soups, Salads, Baked Goods and Bulletproof Coffee
Mmm…Coffee – coffee shop 100% Paleo Soups, Salads, Baked Goods and Bulletproof Coffee in Denver

Mmm…coffee (Paleo Restaurant Denver)

“Denvers first and only strict Paleo restaurant” (one of the first in the US). This coffee, baked goods and lunch cafe is a paleo eaters dream with lots of paleo compliant food, coffee and treat options, even for nut free eaters (seeds used as alternative).


910 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO  80204

Sample Paleo Menu Items:

Paleo Granola, blueberry muffins, organic smoothies, salads with wild caught fish, eggs or chicken, house made soup and bulletproof coffee

Paleo Reviews for mmm…Coffee:



Screenshot of Blooming Beets Website - A restaurant offering a fully paleo menu in the greater Denver Colorado area, Paleo events and other grain free, gluten free, dairy free dining options - blooming beets, a great paleo restaurant boulder option for eating out. Checking out Blooming Beets Kitchen is a must for anyone trying to find boulder paleo restaurants.
Blooming Beets – 100% Paleo Bistro in the Boulder/Denver Metro area

Blooming Beets (Paleo Restaurant Boulder)

Blooming Beets is a grain free restaurant in North Denver that is another great place for Paleo eaters. The owner follows a Paleo diet and used crowdfunding to raise money to open her own Paleo restaurant in Boulder. The menu states “We are 100% grain-free, gluten-free, grass-fed, wild-caught and pastured. Most of our items are dairy-free (confirm with your server), GMO-free and grown without pesticides and fertilizers”.


3303 30th street, Boulder, CO

Sample Paleo Menu Items:

Pulled 100% Grassfed Brisket Served on Cauliflower Carrot Puree and Seared Greens, Pastured Bacon Wrapped, Cashew Butter Stuffed Dates or Coconut Wrapped Blooming Burrito with chorizo, sauteed onions and peppers, cauli rice and sweet potato hash

Reviews for Blooming Beets paleo Boulder:


Paleo Friendly Restaurants – Some Paleo Items – Denver

Screenshot of the Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House Website - a coffee house offering paleo baked goods in the Denver area, as well as Paleo baking classes and other Paleo related activities
Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House offers several Paleo compliant compliant baked goods

Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House

This local bakeshop which started out at the Cherry Creek Farmers market has a portion of their menu dedicated to followers of the Paleo diet. Their motto is “Made for you, by us, from scratch, everyday.”


277 Broadway, Denver, 80203

Paleo friendly Menu Options:

“Paleo Muffins” are offered (one write up mentions Carrot, walnut, raisin)

They have even offered Paleo Baking classes previously.

Some Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House Reviews (Paleo):


Shine is a gluten free restaurant in Boulder that offers Paleo friendly meals, Paleo game nights and other activities and more. Shine is a great paleo restaurant boulder option. Shine should definitely be on the top of any list of boulder paleo restaurants to consider.
Shine – a Boulder restaurant offering a number of Paleo offerings on their menu


Shine’s Gluten free kitchen, although not 100% percent Paleo does mark their menu items with “Paleo Friendly” designations, which includes a large portion of their foods. Their menu states their commitment to “Providing options for Paleo, Vegans, Vegetarians and everything in between”.


2027 13th Street, Boulder CO 80302

Sample Paleo Friendly Menu Items:

Handcrafted Probiotic Slaw Sampler, Local Mushroom Bisque with Cashew Cream and Pan Seared Wild Salmon with Coconut Creamed Kale, Cauiliflower Rice and Scallion Ginger Tahini

Shine Reviews (paleo Boulder):


Screenshot of the Bubu website - a local area Denver restaurant offering high quality ingredients, Paleo bowls and other Paleo friendly dishes that you assemble yourself via a choose your own adventure model
Bubu – A local Denver fast casual chain offering Paleo Bowls on their menu


Bubu, a local Denver take on the fast casual restaurant really takes things up a notch with their focus on local, high qualify proteins and ingredients and offers menu options specifically for the Paleo diet, such as their “Paleo/Caveman bowl”. They describe themselves as “Protein selections finished with a choice of locally sourced vegetable inspired toppings.”


1423 Larimer St, Denver CO 80202 & 7559 East Academy Blvd, Denver, CO

Bubu Paleo Reviews


Screenshot of Root Down - A good restaurant to consider when eating out on the Paleo diet
Root Down – A local Denver restaurant friendly and accommodating to those on special diets.

Root Down

Their menu states “At Root Down we pride ourselves on striving to solve the ‘Omnivore’s Dilemma.’ We have created a dining spot where all dietary needs will be accommodated, including vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten free; also allergies or intolerances are always handled professionally by the kitchen team. Our menu has icons reflecting this philosophy, though we always request you notify your server of specific needs. We
look forward to seeing you soon!”. It is mentioned that they offer special menu nights for Paleo.


1600 W 33rd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 and DEN Denver Airport Concourse C, 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249

Root Down Reviews mentioning Paleo eating:


Azitra offfers Paleo and AIP Denver Indian Meal options. They offer both a gluten free and vegan menu and servers will work with you to customize menu options - even reported to work with those on the AIP diet.



535 Zang St. Suite C, Broomfield, CO 80021 (with one additional location in Raleigh, NC)

Azitra was recommended by a reader after a great experience finding Paleo friendly dishes available there (thanks Adam!). Azitra may be one of the most Paleo friendly Indian restaurant I have heard of (not something that is easy to find). The majority of menu items are marked as either Gluten Free, Vegan or both. In addition, they commit to cooking with a combination of coconut oil and coconut milk in many of their dishes as requested. In talking to them, they confirmed that menu items and sauces are made from scratch, cutting down on the worry of unknown commercial ingredients. They also confirmed that they do not use refined sugars in their entrees (may want to reconfirm individually about each dish with your server just to be 100% careful). Of those vegetable dishes that contain potatoes, they confirmed they are happy to make the dishes without them. So if you are looking to eat out and craving some international options, Azitra in Broomfield is definitely an option to consider.

Azitra Paleo/GF reviews:


Denver Paleo Delivery Options:

Paleo Restaurants in Denver with Delivery/Takeout


Mmm…Coffee (full details above) offers 100% paleo take out for those on the go to pick up. In addition, you can also order their paleo baked good and treats via 2 day UPS delivery if you can’t make it to the store. See their take out delivery menu here for more ordering details.


Bubu (featured above) also offers the option to order online and pick up orders of their Paleo bowls. See the following page for locations offering online ordering for pick up.


Local Paleo Food Delivery Denver Companies

Screenshot of Caveman Chefs Website - Caveman Chefs offers Denver Paleo Meal Delivery services, that are grain free, gluten free, dairy free and use locally sourced, grass fed meats, wild seafood and organic in season vegetables from local farms. Their paleo food delivery denver options include local pickup from area gyms and crossfit locations
Caveman Chefs – A local Paleo Chef Catering Company delivering to area gyms and homes, as well as nationwide

Caveman Chefs

Caveman Chefs, a local Denver Paleo meal service, offers local Paleo meal delivery to gym and crossfit locations throughout the Denver area as well as home delivery plans delivered throughout Colorado. See the list below of current crossfit locations.

Caveman Chef’s Gym Pickup Locations:

Crossfit Colfax 1516 Emerson Street Denver Colorado 80218
Barclay Tower 1625 Larimer Street Denver Colorado 80202
Crossfit Broadway 227 Broadway Street Denver Colorado 80203
Blunt Force 2031 Bryant Street Denver Colorado 80211
Crossfit Jefferson Park 2441 Eliot Street Denver Colorado 80211
Gates Tennis Center 3300 East Bayaud Avenue Denver Colorado 80209
Rocky Mountain Commissary 5604 Kendall court Arvada CO 80002
Denver Vitality Center 3110 S Wadsworth Boulevard Suite 303 Lakewood Colorado

All Pro Fitness 11068 W Jewell Avenue C10 Lakewood Colorado 80232
Iron Tribe Fitness 5996 S Holly Street Greenwood Village Colorado 80111     Crossfiets Greenwood Village 8081 E Orchard Road #123 Greenwood Village Colorado     Crossfit Golden 720 Corporate Circle Golden Colorado 80401
MBS Crossfit II 6945 Indiana Court Suite #700 Arvada Colorao 80007
South Suburban Family Medicine 7720 S Broadway #480 Littleton Colorado 80122     Crossfit MODIG 7048 E County Line Road Highlands Ranch Colorado 80126
Back Country Crossfit 8990 Barrons Boulevard Highlands Ranch Colorado 80129 MBS Crossfit 10900 120th Avenue Broomfield Colorado 80021
Orange Theory Fitness 15735 E Arapahoe Road Centennial Colorado 80016
Crossfit Sanitas 2525 Arapahoe Avenue Boulder Colorado 80302

More Info:

Visit http://www.cavemanchefs.com for more information

(Note: readers of the myPaleos blog can save 10% on their first and recurring Caveman Chefs orders by mentioning the promotion code #ZachmyPALeos in the order comments or mentioned by phone)

Screenshot of the Grandcestors website - Grandcestors offers frozen paleo tv dinners packaged in eco plastic containers to be reheated in the microwave. They are available in local area stores and offer shipping to your home via their website or through the Door to Door organics service
Grancestors – A local Denver area Paleo frozen meal and meal delivery company


Grandcestors (formerly Noble Savage), is another local Colorado company, creating paleo frozen entrees that are available in the freezer section of Whole Foods Markets in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Kansas. In addition, delivery is available to your home or office via Door to Door Organics or directly through the Grandcestors website.

More Info:

Visit http://grandcestors.com for more info

Screenshot of the Eating Primal Website - a local paleo food delivery service delivering to homes, gyms and crossfit locations in the greater Denver area. Meals offered are marked as either Paleo, Primal or Healthy. Grandcestors is a paleo food delivery denver option (although you will have to look through the menu and make sure all orders comply with your dietary requirements)
Eating Primal – A denver area meal delivery service offering Paleo, Primal and Healthy (non-Paleo) meals


Another primal/paleo friendly local delivery service in the Denver area is EatingPrimal. Although only a portion of the menu is 100% Paleo, items are conveniently labeled either Paleo or Gluten free for easy ordering. EatingPrimal delivers via FedEx next day to addresses within Colorado, as well as offering free pickup from a good number of gym and crossfit locations.

More Info:

Visit https://eatingprimal.com for price and menu info

Screenshot of White Sparrow Food - Although not all foods are Paleo, Grain Free and Dairy Free, their webite does mark items as either Paleo, Gluten Free or Vegetarian. They typically offer deserts, entrees and soups
White Sparrow Food – A local Denver chef delivery service offering both Paleo, Vegetarian and Gluten Free meal options

White Sparrow Food Company

The White Sparrow Food Company is another local Denver Metro Area personal chef meal delivery service. Although items offered are not all Paleo, conveniently the order form marks items as Paleo, as well as Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. Typically several items on each weeks menu, either entrees or Soups/Broths and Deserts are Paleo.

More Info

Visit http://www.whitesparrowfoodco.com for more info

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Paleo Meal Delivery Companies Serving Denver

The following Paleo food delivery services deliver to Denver. These give you additional options if you can’t find what you are looking for with one of the local delivery companies or would like more extensive options, such as AIP, Whole30, Exotic Meats or other Paleo related meals or meal plans.

 Paleo on the Go Graphic with Slogan - Paleo on the Go offers paleo food delivery denver services. It's worth considering Paleo on the Go
Paleo On the Go

Paleo on the Go

Paleo on the Go offers delivery of paleo meal plans straight to your home or office. They will delivery to addresses in the greater Denver metropolitan area and Colorado in general as well as nationwide, Canada and PR. In addition to general Paleo meal plans, they also specialize in the delivery of AIP (autoimmune paleo) meals and meal plans, Paleo Cheese, Bone Broth, breakfasts, deserts and other homemade paleo foods.

See www.paleoonthego.com for menus and prices.

Note: Paleo on the Go is offering a 10% off discount for our readers, use cod “MYPALEOS” at checkout for 10% off your entire order – one time use.

Trifecta Home Page - Trifecta is another great option for paleo food delivery denver meal plans. They deliver paleo meals straight to your door, with refigerated paleo meals, never frozen. One more paleo boulder and paleo denver food option to consider


Trifecta is a newer paleo delivery service promoted by Loren Cordain, the local University of Boulder Professor behind the popularization of the Paleo Diet. Trifecta focuses on providing reasonable paleo meal delivery services, offering free shipping of their meal plans. Trifecta delivers to addresses in Denver, Boulder and throughout Colorado, giving another great paleo boulder and denver delivery option.

See trifectanutrition.com for current plan prices.

ModPALEO home page screenshot - modPALEO is a paleo meal delivery denver service that delivers gluten free, grain free prepared meals straight to your home or office. They offer a la carte ordering as well as meal plans. If you are looking for a organic food delivery denver service, modPALEO should definitely be on your list.


Note: modPALEO has more recently rebranded themselves The Good Kitchen, for our detailed write up on The Good Kitchen including reviews, see our in-depth coverage on them.

modPaleo offers Paleo food delivery services nationwide, including shipping to addresses in Denver and Colorado. In addition to weekly meal plans, they offer a la carte food meal choices as well so that you can pick out just the meals that are right for you, from paleo vegetarian/vegan meals, breakfasts and paleo snacks as well as grass fed meat based dishes.

See thegoodkitchen.com (they recently rebranded from modPALEO to The Good Kitchen) for current prices and menus.

modPALEO has also extended a 10% discount for our readers – use code “mypaleos” at checkout for 10% off your first order.

Petes Paleo Home Page - A paleo food delivery denver option, Pete's Paleo will deliver to local Denver addresses. They offer organic food delivery denver options that are available for all
Pete’s Paleo

Petes Paleo

Pete’s Paleo is a nationwide Paleo meal delivery service, which includes deliveries to Denver, offering weekly Paleo meal plans, Wahls Paleo and Paleo Sugar Detox meal plans.

See petespaleo.com for a complete list meal plans and prices

Pre Made Paleo Home Page Screenshot - Pre-Made Paleo is a paleo food delivery denver service that delivers frozen paleo meals to your door. For those looking for a organic meal delivery denver service, they are a great option to consider. Their meals are gluten free, grain free, organic, as well as offering grass fed, grass finished meats. They are a great option for paleo frozen meals
Pre-Made Paleo

Pre-Made Paleo

Pre-Made Paleo offers a number of Paleo meal subscriptions that can be delivered to the greater Denver/Colorado area, as well as nationwide. Some unique features include Whole 30 compliant recipes, Exotic Meats and branded snacks, such as their home made Paleo pork rinds.

See premadepaleo.com for prices and all meal plan options.

Pre-made Paleo has offered a 5% discount off all orders, enter code “MYPALEOS2018” at checkout

Eatology Zone Home Page Screenshot - Eatology is a nationwide paleo delivery service. If you are looking for paleo meal delivery denver services, it is defintely worth considering, as they delivery to all addresses in the greater Denver area. Eatology focuses on balanced, portioned controled paleo meals that help you to stay health and maintain a health weight. Given their use of local organic ingredients, Eatology is a great choice if you are looking for a organic food delivery denver service.


Eatology offers nationwide delivery of Paleo-Zone meals. Much of Colorado is within their 2 day delivery window.  Eatology specializes in Paleo food delivery that follows the zone diet, a system of using only Paleo approved ingredients, but also balancing the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates in the diet to achieve optimal performance, weight and health.

See http://www.eatology.co for Eatology’s Paleo-zone meal plans and pricing.

Eatology is offering a 20% off promo for our readers (works for first & all later orders), use code “ZACHPALEO” at checkout

Home Page Screenshot Beetnik foods - a paleo meal delivery denver service company
Beetnik Foods

Beetnik Foods

Beetnik foods offers a line of Paleo frozen meals that are sold at select health food stores nationwide, including Whole Foods Markets, Marczyk Fine Foods, Alfalfa’s Market and Lolita’s Market & Deli in the Denver metro area. In addition, they offer delivery of their frozen paleo meals, specialty meat and wild fish products via FedEx to your home in the Denver area and nationwide.

For more information about Beetnik Foods, see our detailed write up.

In Conclusion – Eating out on the Paleo Diet in Denver is about as Good as it Gets

As you can see from the above extensive list, the Paleo Diet has really caught on with both residents in local business in the greater Denver and Boulder areas. Maybe it’s that the concept for the diet was popularized by researchers in the Denver area. Whatever the reason, residents in the Denver area have a huge variety of options to compliment their own home cooking skills.

Found other great options for eating out on the Paleo diet or getting Paleo food delivered in the Denver area that you think others should know about? Please leave suggestions of any additional resources or paleo restaurant denver has to offer in the comments below!

If you are going to be traveling, check out our other city guides of the best Paleo restaurants in NYC and Paleo friendly restaurants in Austin TX.

Just visiting Denver? We also have guides covering Paleo delivery in other cities in the southwest such as our Paleo meal delivery in Salt Lake City UT, Paleo meal delivery in Albuquerque NM, Paleo meal delivery in Phoenix AZ and Paleo meal delivery in Las Vegas NV guides. 


My goal with this website is to help get the message out about grain free diets such as the Paleo and Primal diets, SCD diet and GAPS diet, so that more people might benefit from them. My other main goal is to help everyone transitioning to these diets, which can be challenging when first starting down this path. It definitely was for me.

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