Paleo Restaurants NYC – An In-Depth Look at 15 Options for Strict Paleo and Paleo Friendly Meals

Photo of Bareburger in NYC taken Dec 2015, one of the places to eat out covered in this paleo restuarants nyc guide. In this guide we cover a bunch of great paleo nyc gluten free, grain free, dairy free restaurants and food options, as well as some new york city paleo vegan and grass fed, pastured nyc meat and even bone broth eateries. If you are looking for a strict paleo restaurant nyc option, or even just some loosely paleo food nyc options, this guide has you covered with paleo restaurant reviews, paleo menu items to order at each restaurant and even which paleo nyc restaurants offer fast food for on the go paleo meals on the way to work or the office.
Looking for Paleo Restaurants in NYC? New York is a great food city. By using the guidance below you can find some delicious paleo nyc food options available in all corners of the city, whether you are looking for grass fed paleo burgers, a great paleo bbq spot, paleo juice bars, paleo bakeries or even paleo vegan food, NYC has you covered.

With the vast food options available in New York, there are restaurants that cater to all types of eaters, including increasingly those on the Paleo diet. Some paleo restaurants in NYC strictly follow the diet guidelines, while others offer a portion of the menu that qualifies as Paleo. New York City is a great place to be on the Paleo Diet if you know where to look.

Below we go over best bets for strict paleo and paleo friendly places in New York City and guide you through some of your best options all over the city for grain free, gluten free, local, grass fed and organic eating. 

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Strict Paleo Restaurants NYC

Screenshot Hu Kitchen Website - Hu Kitchen is the closest thing to a full paleo restaurant in New York. It is synonymous when people think of a paleo restaurant NYC option. In addition to having a fully gluten free kitchen, most dishes are grain free, sugar free and healthy. If you are looking for paleo restaurants nyc, Hu Kitchen is one of the first places to start your journey.
Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen

If you are looking for a “Paleo Heaven” in NY, Hu Kitchen is THE place to start. With their vast diner-like menu of paleo breakfasts, bowls, soups, organic fresh juices and even deli style paleo prepared foods, you will have no trouble finding something to eat at Hu Kitchen. Their menu is entirely gluten free and the vast majority of items are strictly paleo. Unless specifically marked, all items on the menu are dairy and grain free – as one example of a non paleo ingredient. you have the option of adding quinoa to some of their bowls as an option. They source only grass-fed, pastured meats and organic poultry and eggs, and wild seafood. All ingredients are non-GMO and they choose organic for those ingredients that traditionally contain high amounts of pesticides.  The only sweeteners ever used in their food or drinks are organic coconut sugar, unfiltered honey, and maple syrup. In additional to the majority of meals qualifying as paleo, there are quite a number of options that qualify as paleo vegetarian and paleo vegan as well. Hu Kitchen is about as close as you can find in NYC in terms of a hundred percent paleo restaurant. If you are a paleo nyc foodie or just visiting New York and need a paleo friendly meal, Hu Kitchen should definitely be at the top of your list.

Location: 78 5th Avenue (near 14th street) New York, NY 10011

Sample Paleo Dishes:
Paleo Vegetarian Chili with sweet potato, onion, parsnips, carrots, organic celery, turnips, organic tomatoes, garlic and pimenton spice
Organic Baked Chicken Tenders with almond meal, organic eggs, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper
Organic “crack” coffee featuring sumatran organic coffee, organic coconut oil and organic grass-fed butter


Hu Kitchen NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Brodo home page - Brodo is the first paleo nyc restaurant to focus exclusively on serving bone broths. This has been incredibly popular in the first year of being open, with people lining up to sample their 100 percent grass fed paleo beef bone broths, paleo organic chicken bone broth and paleo turkey bone broth. If you are looking for options for paleo restaurants nyc and are open to a light, energizing meal, brodo is definitely a place to consider


Brodo is a small storefront window selling homemade paleo bone broths made from scratch. It was opened as a next door add-on to the Hearth restaurant (also worth considering, see below) by the owner and chef Marco Canora who has been following the Paleo Diet for the last 5 years for health reasons. They offer 3 base bone broths using either beef or poultry bones. They also mention they have off menu “specialty broths such as seaweed vegetable” available presumably for paleo vegetarians. They offer a menu of add-ins to compliment each broth that you can mix and match based on flavor preferences or health considerations, such as fermented beet juice, roasted garlic puree or bone marrow, allowing endless flavor combinations. It is a new concept in to-go fast food paleo options, something to pick up as a light breakfast on the way to work or as a light lunch on a cold day.  The concept has really taken off so far. You often see a line of people in the mornings waiting for their bone broths served in to-go coffee cups as a kick start to their day. 

Location: 1st Avenue at 12th Street, New York, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Hearth Bone Broth made with whole stewing hens, turkey legs, beef shin, chicken feet, water, onions, carrot, celery, whole tomato, parsley, sea salt, black pepper, bay leaf
Organic Chicken Bone Broth made with organic chicken carcasses, onions, carrot, celery, parsley, sea salt, black pepper and bay leaves
Gingered Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth made with 100% grass fed beef bones, onions, carrot, celery, tomato paste, fresh pressed ginger, thyme, parsley, bay leaf (may need to inquire about tomato paste ingredients)


Brodo NYC Reviews (Paleo):

Paleo video review of Brodo from the Paleo Manifesto:

If you are strict Paleo and haven’t found what you are looking for in the more strict/dedicated Paleo restaurants above, one other option is to order takeout from one of the dedicated Paleo companies listed in our article on Paleo meal delivery new york city services that even includes options for getting NYC autoimmune paleo delivery meals for example from POTG.

Paleo Friendly Restaurants NYC

Local Thyme NYC Home Page Screenshot - Local Thyme is a NYC Paleo friendtly local fast cafe that offers designated paleo meals on their big menu. All items are marked as either paleo, gluten free or vegetarian as appropriate. If you are looking for a nyc paleo restaurant on the east side, you will want to take a look at Local Thyme.
Local Thyme

Local Thyme

Local Thyme is a casual eatery in midtown catering to the gluten free, paleo, raw and vegan crowds. They mark each menu item with either paleo, GF, V or R designations and disclose the ingredient list so you know what you are getting. They offer paleo friendly drinks, treats, breakfast, local salad, coffees and local plates. Their menu states their food is always free of GMO’s, soy, lactose, and processed sugar and that their menu includes a high ration of local and seasonal ingredients, including pasture raised meat from local farmers.

Location:  286 Madison Ave (near 40th st)., New York, NY 10017

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Roasted Shitake and Crimini Mushrooms with flat leaf parsley, olive oil and truffle salt
Market grass fed steak “Local Plate”
Raw Chocolate Brownie with Dates, Cacao Powder, Apricots, Raisins, Avocados, Walnuts and Honey


Local Thyme NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Dig Inn website - Dig Inn is a popular fast casual restaurant with the paleo crowd. They follow the make your own bowl format, but offering paleo friendly bowls, with greens as a base and made to order grilled meats and fish as a topping. Although not considered a 100 percent NYC paleo restaurant, there are a lot of options on the menu if you are willing to make smart choices and talk to the employees of the restaurant. Popular with the paleo crowd, Dig Inn should definitely be a place to consider for your paleo food nyc list.
Dig Inn

Dig Inn Seasonal Market

Dig Inn with it’s multiple locations throughout Manhattan is a paleo friendly place to pick up a quick meal, with it’s emphasis on high quality local farm to table ingredients. It is not a strictly paleo place by any stretch, as there are options to add grains on many meals, but they have constructed the menu in a thoughtful way, to make it easy to order your plate with either a base of grains or a base of greens. They further commit to making food to-order, stating “you’ll find grills, flames, and all the other good stuff people use to cook real food behind our counters. If there’s a steak on your salad, we’re grilling it ourselves, on the spot.” From their mission they are “democratizing the farm-to-table movement by offering ridiculously good food at a reasonable price”.

Locations: 11 Manhattan area locations

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Charred Chicken Plate on a bed of Spinach
Serious Green Juice Raw and Pressed in House with Romaine, cucumber, apple, kale, spinach, celery, parsley, lemon and ginger.
Wild Sockeye Salmon Plate


Dig Inn Seasonal Market NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Whole Burger home page on the Whole Foods Website - Whole Burger is a grass fed beef burger counter in the Tribeca whole foods market in NYC. It is a popular place to eat with those on the paleo diet in NYC, due to the good deal on grass fed patties and your ability to construct a high quality paleo friendly burger with exactly the ingredients you would like, such as a lettuce wrap, extra grass fed patties or fresh paleo friendly condiments (such as fresh tomato, onion). Although unique when compared to the other restaurants in this paleo restaurants nyc guide, whole burger stands out for its casual, fast atmosphere and the ability to get some grocery shopping done at whole foods while you get a paleo meal.
Whole Burger

Whole Burger (inside Whole Foods Bowery and Tribeca Stores)

Whole Burger, a grass fed burger counter inside two downtown area NYC Whole Foods stores (Bowery and Tribeca locations) allows you to enjoy a paleo burger while fitting in some grocery shopping. The beef burgers are made with 100% grass fed beef and can be ordered with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun, including a number of optional vegetables as toppings such as tomatoes, onion or avocado. According to their website “every piece of meat at Whole Burger meets our strict quality standards for animal welfare, meaning that all chicken, pork and beef comes from suppliers who are dedicated to improving the life of animals.”

Locations: 95 E Houston St (At Bowery) New York, NY & 103 Warren St (at Grenwich St) New York, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
100% Grass Fed Beef Burger (or double) inside Lettuce Wrap


Whole Burger NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Gingersnaps Organic website - Gingersnaps organic is a restaurant worth considering for the paleo diet. Although most paleo people dont always associate raw vegan and gluten free with the paleo diet, in fact the majority of the menu at gingersnaps organic is paleo vegan. Popular items on the menu such as zoodles and cauliflower rice are often associated with paleo food recipes. The other great feature of this place is that that have a wonderful paleo friendly cafe with wifi, electrical outlets - you can do some paleo blogging while enjoying paleo friendly almond milk made from scratch mixed in high quality paleo coffee drinks and snacking on paleo snacks like homemade guacamole with no unallowed paleo ingredients. Gingersnaps organic is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a great vegan paleo food nyc option.
Gingersnaps Organic

Gingersnaps Organic

Although primarily marketed for their cafe, fresh juices and nut milks, Gingersnaps Organic, a west village cafe, has a large number of what would be traditionally considered paleo foods on it’s menu. These include dishes like Zoodles (zucchini noodles), beet chips, kelp noodle ramen, homemade guacamole and the list goes on and on. Although probably 70% of the menu would be considered 100 percent paleo without the need to ask for substitutions, there are some items you may have to ask to sub out in certain dishes (mainly sprouts in salads, nutritional yeast and brown rice vinegar) depending on whether you include these items in your definition of paleo. That said, this is a surprisingly paleo friendly place, even including desert options that almost all paleo adherents would consider paleo friendly. This may not be that surprising considering they are a 100% gluten free raw vegan restaurant (something that get’s closer to Paleo than many realize). They state their “ingredients in our dishes are 100% organic”, that they have a “dedication to using high quality, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly products” and that “there is no gluten in this facility”. In terms of paleo vegan restaurant food, this is probably the mecca in NYC.

Location: 113 West 10th St. New York NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Cappuccino with house made almond milk using only organic almonds and filtered water
Cauliflower Soup made with only cauliflower, olive oil, onion, garlic, sea salt
Zucchini Almond “Hummus” made with almonds, zucchini, tahini, lemon, olive oil, garlic, cumin, coriander, sea salt and black pepper
“Doughnut” Holes made with almond flour, maple syrup, date paste, dried coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg


Gingersnaps Organic NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Ivy Bakery website - Ivy bakery is a popular Soho bakery that has been in business for a long time - over 15 years. During that time, they have made a transition from a traditional bakery, to a NYC gluten free bakery, to now being a first NYC paleo bakery as well as offering other specialty items, such as NYC vegan bakery and NYC dairy free bakery products. They have also transitioned to being a catery only bakery, where paleo baked goods are delivered to you rather than you visiting their retail location. One interesting fact is that the owner and head baker has over the last number of years transitioned herself (Daniellan Louie) to a paleo diet and has hosted a number of event and dinner parties with catered paleo cuisine over the years. What better person to work with for a custom paleo cake for your next major life event than someone who has many years of baking experience, and knows the ins and out of the paleo diet as they follow it themselved. With all of those years of experience in the industry (they had been a loved bakery in Soho for many years) they are definitely a great option for paleo nyc foods and baked goods.
Ivy Bakery

Ivy Bakery

Although their retail locations have since closed after many years, I thought it would be helpful to mention Ivy Bakery as one of the few gluten free NYC bakeries offering paleo friendly options.  However, you now have to order directly from them as they have transitioned to a catering bakery business in NY. Be sure to mention you are paleo when ordering. The chef and owner also follows a Paleo lifestyle and should be quite familiar with the requirements. Another promising sign is that they they offered Paleo catered dinner evenings as well as paleo salads in their retail location when it was open. On their website they state “We can accomodate all types of diets, including Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan, and Paleo. Let us know what you do and do not want in your baked goods and we will try our best to meet those requests including using special ingredients, and or using ingredients supplied by you.”In reviewing their “paleo sampler” desert menu, they state “Our Paleo desserts are sweetened with Organic Maple Syrup or Raw Unfiltered Honey (Organic Blackstrap Molasses for our Ginger Cookies). We use raw nuts, organic coconut oil, and our own rendered animal fats. Please specify before ordering if there are any ingredients that you may not be able to have.”  They suggest contact by phone or email to go over your specific dietary requirements when ordering. Finally, baked goods in NYC tailored to your specific dietary needs for your next special occasion!

Location: Over the 15 year history Ivy Bakery had retail locations in SoHo, Gowanus/Park Slope and Bay Ridge Brooklyn but have recently transitioned to being solely a custom order/catering only bakery for the NYC area.

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes
Paleo Lemon Bars
Paleo Cherry Coconut Cookies


Ivy Bakery NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Little Beet website - The little beet is a totally gluten free restaurant in NYC. Even their kitchen is certified as 100 percent gluten free. This means that it is a fairly easy place to eat on the paleo diet, as they have already cut out many of the grains in much of their dishes. In addition, they also focus on local, sustainable ingredients, which sets them apart from other gluten free nyc restaurants toward being more of a paleo friendly place. Since the servers are already very experienced with dietary restrictions and special diets, the little beet is an option to consider when looking for a paleo restuarant nyc.
The Little Beet

The Little Beet

The little beet, a certified gluten free kitchen restaurant in NYC is a good choice for finding paleo friendly meal options, as all they disclose all ingredients in their meals. They also state that their menu is “inpired by local, seasonal and natural ingredients” and that “all ingredients are carefully sourced from farmers and purveyors we trust” such as Northern Harvest, Prairie Grove Farms, Murray’s Chicken and the Center for Discovery CSA.

Location: 135 W 50th St (bet 6th and 7th Ave), New York, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Steak with side of charred broccoli
Wake Up Call cold presses fresh squeezed spinach, mango, pinapple avocado and lemon juice
Salmon with side of charred kale


The Little Beet NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot from the Hearth NYC Home page - Hearth is a NY restaurant specializing in farm to table cuisine. It has been a staple of the village in NYC for many years. Interestingly, over the last several years the executive chef and owner has transitioned to a quasi paleo diet for his own health and well being over the years. This has started to have a profound influence on the food, first with his popular Brodo broth bar and now most recently with the menu of the restaurant at Hearth. It is definitely an interesting and exciting restaurant to watch as it transitions over to a more of a fine dining paleo restaurant from it's earlier incarnation. For this reason, hearth is definitely worth considering on any paleo restuarant nyc list.


Hearth is a farm to table restaurant started by Marco Canora which has been serving “seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients prepared with an Italian influence” for the last 12 years. However, during this time Chef Canora of the recent Brodo fame went through a personal health transition where he began to eat a whole food diet. At that point he opened Brodo in a small space next door to the restaurant to serve bone broth, which was part of his new health regime. Although already offering food items like the bunless 100% grass fed beef Variety burger mentioned below, the plan is to completely reboot the menu of Hearth in early 2016 to emphasize according to the New York times story, a “focus on eliminating highly processed oils, flours and sugar, while making sure that every ingredient (vegetables and grains, yes, but also fish, butter, oil and offal) comes from the most pristine sources he can find and afford.” Hearth and Chef Canora are definitely worth keeping in mind. Although already offering gluten free items for years, it sounds like the menu will only becoming closer in line with Paleo principles over time, and certainly the staff is familiar with special dietary needs. 

Location: 403 East 12th Street (at 1st Ave), New York, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Variety Burger, a Bunless Patty with 100% Grass-Fed Brisket, Chuck, Heart and Liver; Caramelized Onion, and Sweet Potato Fries (ask to hold the fontina)
Grilled Beef Neck with market vegetable escabeche in beef brodo (bone broth)
Grilled Cauliflower with smoked Bluefish, Capers, Sunflower Seeds


Hearth NYC Reviews (Paleo):

Paleo NYC Fast Food Options

Screenshot of the sweetgreen home page - Sweetgreen is a paleo friendly salad chain that has recently expanded to multiple NYC locations. They offer local seasonal and organic produce options that can be added to custom salads, that you can create and assemble any way you want by choosing different ingredients as the staff member assembles your salad. Whether you are paleo vegan, on the AIP diet, Wahls paleo or just going grain free, gluten free or dairy free, you can assemble a sweet green salad that will fit your dietary requirements with minimal hasstle. In addition, you can also assemble your own salad dressing at sweetgreen, picking from several options such as fresh lime and lemon juice, california ranch extra virgin high quality olive oil , salt, pepper, as well as different vinegars. Sweetgreen is always at the top of my own list for paleo fast food, and with their multiple locations all around the city, should be considered on paleo restaurants nyc listing.


Sweetgreen is an a la carte salad restaurant that is a good option for those on the paleo diet, especially people with specific dietary needs such as AIP, Wahls Paleo, etc. With and emphasis on local, in season produce from local farms from the area and organic ingredients, it stands apart from other fast salad restaurants in terms of the quality of the fresh ingredients. They also tend to have a large selection of fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs to include in your salad, offering a more interesting selection in choosing paleo friendly ingredients. You may want to be more careful when choosing to include cooked vegetables and cooked proteins however, as these have been reported as sometimes having non paleo ingredients in the sauces, so you will want to inquire about ingredients before adding non-raw items to you salads. Finally, they offer customized salad dressing options, such as olive oil and fresh lime or lemon juice, or balsamic vinegar if you don’t feel like inquiring about dressing ingredients, although there are reports online that several of their homemade dressings are in fact paleo, such as the lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette mentioned below.

Location: 6 NYC Area Locations

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Make your own Salads such as:
Organic mesclun, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, toasted almonds, fresh lime squeeze, lime cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette (said to be paleo compliant)
Organic arugula and organic mesclun, carrots, shredded cabbage, cucumbers, basil with a custom lime vinaigrette (fresh lime juice, olive oil, salt, pepper)


Sweetgreen NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the juicepress website - Juicepress is a fresh juice chain with many locations throuhout NYC. As long as you stick to their fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices (you may want to restearch their vegan probiotic, similar to yogurt contained in their vegetable juices if you have any conscerns with specific probiotic strains - their is supposedly similar to yogurt). Given that they have locations all throughout the city, juicepress gives you the option of having paleo nyc juice options near you at all times.


Juicepress is a local NYC cold pressed juice chain with locations all throughout the city. They offer 100 percent organic cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices that are ready to pick up on the go. In most cases the juices are paleo with just vegetables and fruit as an ingredients. In addition, they offer healthy nut milks and coffee products, many of which are paleo as well. The salads and other foods are not as great for the paleo diet, but may work in a pinch if you are careful with the dressings. But with so many locations there is likely a Juicepress near where you live or work offering a quick fix of all vegetable or fruit juices for a snack or pick me up.

Location: 22 NYC area locations

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Lucky Seven Juice with carrot, ginger, orange, pear, pinapple, beet and lemons
Watermelon juice made from only watermelons
Almond Milk made with almonds, coconut oil, vanilla and sea salt


Juicepress NYC Reviews (Paleo):

Honorable Mentions – Recommended by NYC Paleo Bloggers

Screenshot of Cafe Clover - Cafe Clover is a popular restaurant with paleo bloggers, specifically because of the high quality, grass fed, grass finished meats and wild seafood that they serve. Although not technically a paleo restaurant, the waitstaff at cafe clover are described as very accommodating, and with their emphasis on farm to table and local high quality organic produce and high quality paleo friendly proteins, this is the reason for their inclusion in this paleo restuarant nyc listing. If you are considering a fancy paleo dinner night out on the town, this is a restaurant to consider for eating out paleo.
Cafe Clover

Cafe Clover

Cafe Clover is a small cafe in the west village with a focus on local organic produce and grass fed meats. Their staff is knowledgeable about the ingredients in the food, about special diets and are typically helpful and accommodating in making recommendations. For example their menu states they are always “using the finest locally sourced produce” “combining simple, organic ingredients to create dishes that speak for themselves in both flavor and quality.” If you want a nice dinner out and are willing to ask questions and smart choices from within the menu, Cafe Clover can be a great bet for a high end Paleo meal.

Location: 10 Downing St, New York, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Goffle Road Farm Pounded Chicken Breast (may need to request substitutions in the sauce)
Cauliflower “Steak” (may need to request paleo substitutions in the sauce)
Whole Branzino a la Plancha (may need to request some paleo subsitutions in the sauce)


Cafe Clover NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of Bareburger home page - Bareburger, the restaurant pictured on the featured at the start of this page is a grass fed burger and exotic meat burger chain with a large number of locations in NYC. Although its debatable whether it should be considered one of the top paleo restaurants nyc has to offer due to the alleged use of canola oil and other non-paleo ingredients in their fried food, bareburger is probably one of the most consistently cited nyc paleo restaurants by paleo bloggers and on forums other than hu, so it seemed to make sense to include it. Just because of the sheer number of locations around NYC and the organic and grass fed meats they offer, it is a paleo friendly choice for a lot of people. That said, maybe if we all put some pressure on the company they would offer the option of frying their sweet potato fries or grass fed burger patties in something other than canola oil - they have made such transitions in the past - abandoning peanut oil for canola oil. Just something for us all to consider.


Although possibly not 100% Paleo due to the use of canola oil for frying their foods, Bareburger might be worth mentioning as it’s a burger joint offering a choice of burgers made from free range beef, elk, bison, wild boar, duck and turkey meats with toppings like organic avocados, organic tomatoes and organic onions. According to their menu, all their meats are free-range, pasture raised, humanely raised and are antibiotic, gluten and hormone free.

Locations: 16 NYC area locations such as 313 West 57th St, New York, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Grass Fed Beef Burger with Collard Green Wrap
Bison Burger with Collard Green Wrap
Elk Burger with Collard Green Wrap


Bareburger NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Smorgas website - Smorgas is a Scandinavian restaurant in NYC. For example, many of the dishes are named after locations in Norway. As with many norwegian foods, the emphasis as Smorgas is on sustainable, local high quality farm to table ingredients that are simply prepared. So it is not that surprising that Smorgas was referenced frequently by paleo bloggers as one of the paleo restuarant nyc options to consider. Although not one hundred percent paleo, Smorgas is an easier place to carve out a paleo friendly meal for an NYC fine dining restaurant, and if you are on a hot date, it allows your dining companion to order what they want while you stick to your paleo food needs.

Smorgas Chef

Smorgas Chef is a Scandanavian restaurant offering grass fed, pasture raised meats and seasonal, locally grown produce. According to their menu “Smorgas Chef owns and operates Blenheim Hill Farm in the Catskills, where we grow our own sustainable ingredients such as pasture-raised meats, free-range eggs, herbs, fruits, vegetables, honey and syrup from maple and birch.  Their menu has symbols that designate dishes that are gluten free and/or vegetarian. Although Smorgas does not have exclusively Paleo menu items, it is a great place to piece together paleo friendly meal options from their high quality pasture raised ingredients and by asking for substitutions as needed in sauces and sides from their knowledgeable staff. 

Locations: 58 Park Avenue (at 37 St) New York, NY and 53 Stone Street (Wall Street) New York, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Blenheim Burger with pasture raised beef, lettuce and tomato (request without bun or cheese)
Icelandic Code with Rutabaga, sauteed kale, cherry tomatoes and rutabaga citrus salad (confirm sauce ingredients and ask for substitutions as necessary)
Blenheim Farm Greens Salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, cucumber and avocado (request a dressing with paleo friently ingredients)


Smorgas Chef NYC Reviews (Paleo):


Screenshot of the Fette Sau home page - Fette Sau is a NYC bbq place based in Williamsburg. It has received favorable press for many years and and is considered a must visit for those seeking grass fed, local bbq in NYC. In my own research on Fette Sau, I have to say I came acress what seems to be sugar in the dry rubs that they apparently apply to many of their meats. However, given the sheer number of NYC paleo residents recommending Fette Sau as the go to place and synonymous with paleo food nyc in general, I decided to include it in this write up. Just know that the ingredients in the dry rubs are to be eaten at your own risk, and you likely will want to have a conversation with the staff when ordering.
Fette Sau

Fette Sau BBQ

This popular BBQ joint with Paleo bloggers and Paleo NYC residents is a meat lovers paradise, with tens of different cuts of meats from local farms on the menu. According to their website “Our barbecue is dry rubbed. “. However in researching their dry rub recipe it appears that it contains brown sugar. I have included Fette Sau in this paleo restaurant guide due to it’s popularity with paleo bloggers but do consider inquiring about whether the specific cut of meat you order uses their dry rub and if so, if it contains sugar. Despite the considerations with the dry rub, their menu states that “We exclusively use organic and/or small familty farmed heritage breed animals” with the meat coming from 7 named local area farms which is pretty impressive.

Location: 354 Metropolitan Avenue (bet Havemeyer and Roebling Sts), (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY

Sample Paleo Menu Items:
Berkshire St. Louise Style Pork Ribs (confirm Paleo ingredients in Rub if used)
Beef Brisket (confirm Paleo ingredients in Rub if used)
Berkshire Sausage (confirm Paleo ingredients in Rub if used)


Fette Sau NYC Reviews (Paleo):

As you can see, there are quite a number of paleo nyc foods available no matter where you are located. With new places popping up all the time the choices will only continue to get better and better. New York is a great place to be on the paleo diet. I hope you discovered at least one of these paleo restaurants nyc options that you hadn’t heard of before.

Please let us know if you have found any amazing paleo food nyc options that we may have missed by leaving your own suggestions or favorite paleo restaurant nyc option in the comments below. By sharing our knowledge, we can continue to help each other out as well as help promote these local businesses that are taking a chance and focusing on paleo food – for us. Thanks in advance!

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